Struggle with Faith in God?


Right now I’m struggling in understanding God & also my faith in him. I’m planning on immigrating to a new country. But I’m scared it may not work out but i don’t know why I’m scared. I have never felt this way before.

The thing is that for a past couple of months I haven’t heard mass not that I have stopped believing in God. I do say my prayers. But for some reason I feel even if I pray to God abt the immigration thing he may not allow it to happen.

But tbh never before has God denied me anything that I have asked him for. He may take his time to answer my prayers but he has never refused to answer them. I know & believe that he his kind, loving & caring. But for some reason I just cnt stop getting scared of the future.

Does our God ever change & get fed up of us if we doubt him. Does he ever force us to do things we do not want to do?

Edit: P.S: I’m also scared that he might cancel all my plans & force me to become a priest.

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Hope you don’t mind, but I switched your thread to spirituality … it was in the prayer forum and that forum is only for prayers … not advice. I think you will get some help in this forum. God Bless

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God is kind and patient with us but does indeed require us to do things we do not want to do. Think of Jesus carrying that cross. We do not fully embrace the paschal mystery, the suffering in life we must endure. We usually pray it goes away. But the Lord knows what I say best for us and what we can handle. There is reason for optimism. But sometimes it takes discipline. I try to embrace the Discipline of Optimism.

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God never changes. So he will always love you. And you also can ask the saints to pray for u.

That’s ok. Thank you

‘Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.’ - Matt 6:34

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In the silence it was as if God told me, “I am always here for you. And I am all you need.”


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