struggle with impurity

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I know this is somewhat of an age-old topic, but here goes again. I’ve been struggling with masturbation for several years now, and every time I think I’ve broken the habit, I slip up again. I’m really getting frustrated… I had a great experience in confession a few weeks ago and have been pure since, until today when I masturbated practically before I could even realize what I was doing. I’m so sorry for it and I feel absolutely awful afterwards thinking about what I’ve done, and I’m just so tired of messing up! I’m not sure when I can make it to confession again, and masturbating hurts my relationship with God way more than I even know, I’m sure. Does anyone have any advice/encouragement/tips for how to keep fighting and break the habit for good?

Thanks and God bless :slight_smile:

I have posted many times before with people that have the same problem because I used to have the same problem when I was 16.

I got addicted to this and it felt awful the more I did it. I didn’t know it was a sin at first, but yet I felt guilt doing it. So I started to realize that what I was doing was wrong. It was too late though, I had done it often enough that I developed an addiction to it. I would always fall in temptation no matter what.

What made me stop was a life of prayer and a determination to stop. I made myself pray the rosary at least once a day and several our fathers throughout the way.I also prayed to God, and Mary to help me stop.

I know that it is because of God’s grace that I haven’t fallen into it again for almost 2 years.

As I have been told by many priests masturbation for a 16 year old is not the same level of sin as for a married older man.

It is grave matter, but age, emotional maturity etc can lessen the sin to venial.

What the priests also said is: the more masturbation is made into a big issue for teen age boys the more it comes back to haunt them later in life.

Try and be aware of the totality of your sinfulness and lack of maturity and strive to grow in wisdom and maturity.

And go to confession anyway:thumbsup:

It is written that even the just man falls seven times a day.In spirituality,you will win some battles and you will lose some battles.Our enemy is threefold:The World,The Flesh and The Devil.It is good to feel an acute sorrow for the acts of impurities committed,but do not let this sorrow turn to despair.Where there is God,there is certainly hope.You are the envy of the fallen angels who wish nothing more than to share their misery with God’s creatures.This is why,when you fall you must be comforted by the knowledge of His mercy and love and His ever readiness to rejoice in your return to Him.If you were the one lamb lost from the hundred,He’ll leave the ninety-nine to come and look for you.

Appeal to the titles of Our Lady - Virgin Most Pure,Refuge Of Sinners,Help Of Christians and Good Council to aide you.By her purity she pleased God,by her humility she conceived Him.Keep in mind,just because you have fallen,does not make it an occasion to let an avalanche of other sins to proceed.You have fallen once,why offend God again.Above all,seek spiritual direction from a priest and if possible,keep the same one as to monitor your progress.

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Last night I had another incident with P&M. I am so sick of dealing with this junk. I have been trying all summer long to give this up and can’t go more than 12 days without it. I am so fed up that late last night I put my computer up on eBay. I’m just going to get rid of the blasted thing and eradicate the temptations altogether. I won’t put up with this garbage anymore!

You already have the answer at the end of your post. Your will not mine. Each time you have the urge-think to yourself these words and see if that is a help. Masturbating is certainly your will and not God’s will. Thy will be done not mine. However you say it it’s all the same. Say it until you mean it. Fake it till you make it. Easy? Not at all but not impossible either.

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