Struggles in a new relationship


Please pray for a young couple I know that are trying to start their life together. They are being harassed and threatened by the mother of his child. Please pray that they will be able to start their life together as a married couple with all the joys that should be present and that the mother of his child will come around and allow him to see the child again. Please pray also for the young bride to be that she too will be reunited with her children as well.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.


Lord, bring peace to this distraught mother. Send your mother to comfort her and turn her away from sin, and turn her instead to you and your eternal promises.


Jesus, this mother and this father are being prevented from seeing their children. Please grant that charity and wisdom ensures the best interests of the children.
Please give Your compassionate blessings to these families.


You desire for all You children to experience Your Love. Please let these children experience this love of Yours through their parents being able to reconcile their pasts and allow for a healthy relationship to foster in their lives. Please come into their lives so they grow without experiencing animosity between their parents. Please, also, help this couple to see their marriage they way You intended it to be when Jesus established the sacrament.

Help them to lives theirs lives through the eyes of Your Son and please fill them with Your Holy Spirit so they may be led by Your Divine Providence in all they do.

Mother Mary, please take them in the care of your tender prayers.
Saint Joseph, please pray for them!

Amen, Amen!


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