Struggles what to believe

I’m just 18 and I’ve been struggling with my faith for years. I’m a craddle catholic and since I’ve become a teen my problems started when I read an article claiming Marian apparitions are caused by UFOs, At first I thought it was pure nonsense but when I dig into it seemed very legit (They talked about two people that claimed that they gained access to the original archives and wrote book called Celestial Secrets and Heavenly lights). It seems that at first Our Lady looked totally different and wore short dress (even one priest had doubts back then about this metter) and some things were changed by The Church. I don’t know who to believe because those books seem somehow convincing to me :confused: .

I’m familiar with ufology material and some ufologists claim that the Miracle of the Sun was an ufo.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in people’s claims of Marian apparitions being ufo encounters.

As I believe; I’d rather put stock in what the Church says over what a ufologist says.


Pray for the grace to overcome what may be gullibility! The world is filled with sources that desire strongly to lead you away from God.

Rather: Go before Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and pray. Lay out your doubts, confusions and everything that bothers you. When you receive your consolation, you will be changed.

You will then be at peace and know to the core of your being that you are “home” and will desire to go nowhere else.

He is waiting for you.


It seems you have started several threads where you are being disturbed by stuff you read about Our Lady or Fatima or anxious about the afterlife, and also stating that you are a young adult suffering from OCD.

I really think you should concentrate on getting some mental health help for your OCD. And you should probably stop reading questionable websites and materials until you are more stable. Right now it appears that you can’t handle them without becoming anxious or confused, even when to a normal person reading they look like total bunk and the person would laugh and move on. This website you describe is ridiculous.

I don’t think continuing to post threads like this here is going to be helpful to you.


So that proves that some people can write any nonsense. There are no extraterrestrials among us. If a civilization existed that can travel faster than the speed of light to reach us, why would they then hide instead of show themselves to the public? our much much inferior technology could not harm them in any way. The whole UFO movement is a scam.

That says it all.

Read the Catechism, read the Lives of the Saints, read only Catholic material from trustworthy sources - until you are sound in your Faith. Reading anything else only undermines your Faith, causes confusion and can potentionally destroy it. And who wants that ? Satan. So don’t give him an inch. Read only Catholic material. If it opposes what the Catholic Church teaches - throw it out, turn it off, close that webpage.

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