Struggles with racism?


I have OCD, and it mainly manifests itself in intrusive thoughts. For a long time, I’ve dealt with compulsions to call satan Lord. Now I struggle with racism, mainly with black people, as I feel compulsions to say the N word. I understand racism is a sin and that Jesus is truly offended by what I am thinking in a derogatory manner. How can I combat this?

Are you getting counseling and medication?

Pax Christi.

Certainly prayer and counseling are needed. And talk to your priest. I will offer prayer.

God bless.

This can be a truly difficult thing to overcome, i have had problems with this in the past:
if other races would have stayed where God had put them in the beginning we would not have this mess.

As another noted – a counselor or medical professional can assist one on the disorder your struggling with (as you likely know -we note this for other readers too --one site I saw was catholictherapists) We are not permitted to give medical advice here.

Morally speaking - all sorts of thoughts can come out of the blue to anyone.

…and there not be any sin.

When such happens one would not consent but calmly turn to some good thing- like the work one is doing etc (as opposed to trying hard not to think the thing…which can be counterproductive).

A person with OCD is going to have a more intense experience with such thoughts (to say the least) and as noted can obtain professional assistance with such. A Priest /confessor can assist - not only with his direction but with advising the person with the OCD regarding what the medical professional proposes to assist them with (so they know what is moral in treating such).

Let me ask a question here. You dealt with temptations to say Satan was lord, but did you ever come close to believing Satan is lord?

In the same way, you say you struggle with compulsions to say the N word, but do actual negative and hateful feelings towards African American’s result from this?

I ask this because oftentimes people with these kind of situations are tempted to say things, even if they don’t really believe what is behind them. So I would like to know if this only goes on at the verbal level, or if there is an even deeper temptation of the heart behind it.

Yeah, it sounds to me more like an appetite for vulgarity. I used to say the ‘N’ word before also, but I did simply because it was taboo and offensive, thus funny. I wasn’t actually racist towards black people.

Of course, vulgarity is still a serious problem and can be a grave matter, but just saying.

me too i used to say cracker hunky and white trash but i realized we all human and nobody is better than others

You need to seek professional help for your OCD and compulsions. This is not a DIY sort of thing.


I second that.

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