I imposing on my priest?

Hello CAF,

I am having some spiritually related issues as of late. I just saw my priest on Wednesday - and I feel as though he helped me a lot and gave me some good insight.

Less than a week later - I am struggling…big time.

I don’t want to impose and to feel like I am taking up all of his time - but I could really use some help from him.

What do you all think - should I see if he is available or just try to pull through by myself?

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Why don’t you send him an e-mail instead. I often do that after a session with my spiritual director if I have a question or a clarification on something we discussed. He might not get back to me immediatly but he eventually does and it gives him some time to reflect on the situation and he can get back at a time when he is not too busy.

Have you ever considered a spiritual director to direct you, rather than a parish priest? Parish priests and spiritual directors have different responsibilities and different training. In my case, I speak with my parish priest as he recommended that I come to him but he has also recommended a spiritual director. Probably you could ask him for suggestions or get recommendations from a local monastery or convent. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Yes, I have considered it - what is holding me back is that I love my parish priest. He really gets me - and has been so helpful to me during these times of struggle.

I guess that I, in a way, feel as though I am being a burden to him sometimes when I see him for confession or what not, although I am sure that he does not think this way :frowning:

My advice is to pray and overcome the struggle without going back to your pastor. Parish priest is very busy, and lot of struggles are meant to be overcome with our own patience and prayers. Plus, we should not allow any relationship to be clingy.

My 2 cents.

Tell him these same thoughts you express here. That you need some help at this time, that he has been an aid to you, that you need more help but do not wish to be a burden. Does he, with some familiarity with your situation, have any further aid to render you or does he know of anybody who can help you?

He may have resources unknown to you that he could point out if he’s aware of the need. You should not fear bringing it up! What’s the worst that could happen?

Chapter 18 of Matthew’s gospel tells us that a good shepherd will leave his flock to go help the one sheep that has gone wandering. Preists are the shepherds of God’s flock. Allow your preist the opportunity to be that good shepherd.

God bless

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