Struggling in a New Parish


I am struggling quite a bit in my new parish. We moved from the parish in which I was confirmed this past Easter, where I felt such a close connection with the parishoners, the clergy, the church, everything. I’ve been attending my local parish in my new city and it’s just falling so flat for me. I really wish I could connect there like I did “back home,” but it seems it’s just me and the Lord week after week (which is fine–He’s the best company in the world), and I feel no connection to the community.

I’ve done a lot of research and the parish doesn’t seem to have many social events or catechesis programs beyond RCIA. I would give my eyeteeth for a bible study class. Also, there is a severe lack of “young adults” in the parish…I’m 33 and not averse to making friends with older folks, but I’d sure like to meet some Catholics my own age.

Anyone have any suggestions about how I can connect with my new parish?

Thanks, everyone!


Chat up the pastor and volunteer to start a young adult Bible study yourself. Maybe he’s just waiting to be asked, and little help from you getting it started would surely be welcome.



Perhaps you could be the one to start the Bible study class?


Contact your diocese about a young adult group, we have a rather active one here, and you can meet different people from your area, but not exactly your town.


You know, you’ve all given me food for thought…instead of complaining about what isn’t there in my parish, I should be the catalyst for change! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

:o This is a good life lesson for me, too!

Thanks, all! I’ll let you know how my new “project” turns out!

God bless,


Stella… Sometimes, the Good Lord leads us places we would never expect (that has certainly been the case, in my life :rolleyes: ). It sounds like He has led you to your current parish, to help make some changes!

May He bless you, as you help your parish to expand. I’ll keep you in my prayers. God bless.

MV :slight_smile:


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