Struggling new family

Hi everyone!

Just an update I am on my last stretch of my second trimester and heading into my third very soon. But that is not the complete reason on why I am posting this, we have been struggling since we moved to a different state and its not fun.
With this little blessing God gave us, we feel that we are drowning with everything. We try to scrimp and save where we can but it doesn’t seem to help. He is the only one with a stable flow of income right now. I have a job but I only get paid by the hours I put in, and since its a start up company, its not even that much so we do not count my income in the budget as it changes a lot. We have car payments, credit cards, rent and now the bills that come up from my prenatal check ups and labs after insurance.
We do not regret having this child as we prayed to have one for more than a year, but I admit earlier on I was contemplating on why now when we barely scrape by and even thought of abortion (this one I already confessed to our priest).
I want to be able to help my husband with the finances but in order to do that, I have to have a full time job. I am really scared of even applying because I am doubtful that they will hire a 6 month pregnant nurse. Plus child care will cost us more once baby comes in. We have thought of and still thinking of moving back from where we came from where its cheaper, my parents live there and his family is closer, where we have more friends to support us but we do not have the means to do so, my former company has actually reached out for some openings but they do not pay for relocation…my husband is struggling to find a position back there that can pay relocation.

Should I resign once baby is born or still work with the same company or find another job that is more fulltime?

I would suggest downsizing your cars (if at all possible) and doing a personal finance course. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is good and costs about $100 for 9 weeks. That’s a lot of money in your situation, so you might prefer to work with a charitable organization like St. Vincent de Paul instead, but I’ve done FPU myself and I think if you have the money, the moral support might totally be worth it in your situation.

I’d also suggest doing what you are doing as long as you can, settling in with the baby, and then reevaluating things at the 3-6 month mark. You don’t know what your life will look like then.

His cars is already paid off. So we are just doing my car payments. We are trying to do this one day at a time. I don’t want to stress so much with carying such a precious gift.

You might want to consider this: your car insurance payments are really high if you are paying full comprehensive. If you just pay liability, then the payments will be reduced, bit if you cause an accident, you won’t be reimbursed for your car. I knew a woman who worked herself sick paying for comprehensive insurance on her family’s cars after a ticket her hisband got (rates went up). Since the car was fully paid for, she didn’t have to have the comprehensive.

You may also be able to get a reduction on the comprehensive part of your car to cover only the unpaid portion of your car–I don’t know how that works in your state.

I hesitate to suggest that if they couldn’t easily pay for a replacement car, but once they get to that point, it’s not a bad idea. I plan to do that once our new-to-us minivan loses more value.


If you don’t mind saying, how much are the cars worth and how much is owed on yours? If you could free up $200 a month by downsizing cars, it could greatly increase your quality of life. If one or both of your cars is not suitable for family purposes (for instance a truck with no backseat that isn’t actually needed for daily work purposes), now would be a good time to think about the car situation. Analyze your cars and ask yourself, if I didn’t own these particular cars, would I buy them again, given our current situation?

Also, this is not a permanent solution, but are your credit cards at the absolutely lowest interest rate you can get? It’s better to pay them off than just surf, but surfing is better than nothing.

Good luck!

You are a nurse?

At my hospital, I would get paid a $2000 sign on bonus if I bring you to Human Resources and they interview and hire you.

You would get a sign-on bonus, too. I think it’s around $5000.

Nurses are pretty valuable these days! You would probably end up working nights or P.M.s, but hey, it’s money.

Many hospitals (ours and the other 2 in our city) have on-campus day care for day shift workers, and bigger hospitals in big cities have 24-hour day care centers. The ladies who have nursing babies or children are not only allowed, but encouraged to go to the Lactation Station to nurse throughout their shift.

**It is against the law for companies to discriminate against a pregnant woman when hiring. **

Most hospitals would indeed hire a pregnant nurse. Yes, you will have a maternity leave, but you would be back again, and they need you! In our lab, we have hired women who were almost ready to deliver.

Don’t be afraid! Good luck to you.

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