Struggling With 2 Sins. Need Advise?

Hi Everyone,

This forum might be a terrible place to post this, but I’m really bothered at
the moment and I would appreciate some advise.

As embarassing as it is, what I’m struggling with is Pornography and Masturbation. I have spoken to a couple priests in the past 2 months about this, and they all advised me to dwell in prayer, (which helps) but doesnt solve the problem.

I Often pray with frankincense as it helps me to concentrate (my attention and concentration is diminished due to personal and health reasons), and many times it is difficult to pray. And when I dont pray I sin excessively.

I happened to committ these sins again today, and I feel really bad and down. IM REALLY TIRED OF THESE THINGS, TIRED OF RUNNING TO THE CONFESSIONALL AGAIN AND AGAIN.

I have also relocated now, so I no longer have advise from a priest that I knew from my previous location. I’m fairly busy lately, so I will only be able to make a confession in 2 weeks time. In the mean time, could you people reccomend some prayers that I could say to feel better? Advise is appreciated.


I found this on the forums back in April, and I think it applies here:

God bless you.

I suggest praying to the Virgin Mary. Focus on her chastity, innocence and purity.

My prayers are with you. Those are two tough things to beat.

Find a good confessor! Until then here is some advice I once got from a priest about impure thoughts. As soon as you have one say, “Precious blood, wash over me.” Also, I was advised by a priest that temperance is the virtue that governs passions such as lust, anger and gluttony, etc. He suggested cultivating temperance by three daily mortifications to curb your desires a little bit and gain some self control, he said do them everyday but Sunday. For instance, take your coffee a different way than you like it. Figure out what you want when you are out to eat and then order something different. Look away when you see something interesting.

stop using ur internet until you stop. thats my advice. i told myslef that if i wasnt allowed to use my computer unless it was for good. work in an office? place the computer where others can see it. home alone? keep it off unless you absolutely hav to use it for work. as for masturbation (i hav also struggled with this) everytime u feel the urge: pray, read something religous, or if u have to call someone and talk, go see a friend, watch tv, make a sandwhich, anything to distract yourself. also keep going to confession and repenting when u fall. also ask Mary to pray for you. :signofcross: i will also pray for you. :slight_smile:

I’ve also struggled with this.

  1. Confession (as you have mentioned)
  2. Mass (if you can, try to get to daily Mass, this helps a lot)
  3. The Rosary

Also, have a blessed crucifix in every room, and also have a blessed St. Benedict medal.

St. Maria Goretti, pray for lucien! +

Please get help from a licensed Professional. ASAP

Put crucifixes all over your house. A big one on your wall…and a little one super glued to the screen above the computer screen, anywhere ya do the deed. That’s what my mom did to me back in the day. Ha

Thanks everyone for your prayers and advise, ill keep them in mind

You should put a filter on your computer that blocks these kinds of sites and change the background to something holy. Another idea is set your browser’s default site to something like EWTN. Finally, when you get the urge… go out and do something else… go play baseball or basketball, use that energy in a positive way and the feeling will go away.

Saying the prayer “Precious Blood, wash over me” over and over is very powerful, along with praying the rosary daily.

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