Struggling with lustful thoughts and masturbation

I wonder if the aggregate mental anguish caused by the guilt of masturbation in humankind is far worse than the action.

Are you married or dating?

That’s another reason why the grave sin of masturbation is even more evil as with all the sexual sins. They cause guilt which leads to despair and gives the devil’s another doorway to the soul.

Coincidentally, I listened to this series a few days after it was released! It was like a balm for my soul.

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I was dating, but the relationship ended for now. No, nothing happened. As I said, I’ve been resolute about practicing purity of soul, mind, and body, especially these past few months.

Probably. It’s a consequence of original sin – disordered passions and concomitant guilt.

Have you thought about a Catholic dating site? Or National Catholic Singles Conference?

I have. Why?

I am on a Catholic dating site, and I’ve been giving it a chance, but it’s not for me. My breakup was recent, and I am waiting for some wounds to heal. Of course, my sins are wounds on top of other wounds.

I just want to give myself time.

I didn’t know if you were dating anyone. Once someone is married these thoughts are much easier to control.

You healing yourself is so essential. I know you said you say the Rosary and pray to certain saints, but have you spent any time in Eucharistic Adoration? I find it to the answer to a lot of things.

I don’t think this is true at all. Chastity is every bit demanding married as it is single. Having the beautiful spouse right with you all the time, and having the routine and desire that accompanies it…makes times of abstinence harder than when you are single…iin my opinion.
Marriage is not a picnic from chastity.

They’re easier to control because your urges are being satisfied. In some cases, however, it just exacerbates the desire.

I did spend time in Eucharistic Adoration about a month ago, but I haven’t lately. I am renewing my license, so my transportation is limited for the moment. I am hoping to visit the Blessed Sacrament more often in the future. I still attend Sunday Mass. Even so, the flesh is weak. So weak. Usually, I’d feel guilty, but today I woke up feeling slightly indifferent. This is another problem: desensitization. It is an uphill battle. I want to give in and blame it on my hormones (after all, I am supposed to be having babies by now), but I can’t. I need to fight. I’ve been revisiting the Confessions, and I can’t spend years alienated from God, as happened to Augustine.

Do you receive the Eucharist at Mass or have had a good confession in a while? I had a similar issue last December and got a real hardline priest who had zero sympathy on the subject and it was exactly the wakeup call I needed in some ways, partially from a fetish perspective.

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