Struggling with my spiritual life

I’m struggling with my spiritual life and I need suggestions. I attend mass but not as regular as before, I just don’t feel connected when I attend. I am also struggling with trust and faith, well its always been difficult but now its really deteriorating. Praying as well is difficult I just can’t seem to focus and talk with God.
Any suggestion are welcomed. Thank you.

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I have the body building approach to spirituality and it has served me well.

I would suggest starting with the bare minimum–weekly Mass, some daily scripted prayers (like before meals) and annual confession.

Slowly build on that, even if you don’t feel it. Read the saint of the day, read a book on Cathechism or Catholic facts. Basically, generate interest so that you can start to feel passion. Maybe a saint will inspire you to some kind of service. Maybe you will learn a form of prayer that really appeals to you. But start somewhere, start small and keep building.


Many people have periods of spiritual dryness - the Saints did as well. You must persevere regardless. Be sure to never miss the daily rosary, no matter how you feel. You must also fulfill your Sunday obligation to go to Mass. Be sure to go to confession once a month at least. The spiritual dryness will eventually go away if you persevere in these practices.


The Rosary is not required and does nothing for my spirituality. In fact, I did it way too long and it affected my spirituality because I needed something different.

Also confession is only mandated yearly. Pliling on things that are not church rules are not going to help anyone.

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Try this


Have you tried writing out your thoughts in a journal. Ive done that before and it helped. I’ll remember you in my prayers today. Hang in there. God Bless

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No one is “piling”! These practices are often very life giving for people. The Rosary is a devotion that some do not find as inspiring as other practices. You would not know that you needed something different had you not tried it, right?

One of the main thing that holds people back in their spiritual growth is unconfessed sin. A daily examination of conscience and frequent confession can unlock a stuck person. The sacrament is healing and life giving. It is not some sort of burden!


Thank you.
I have I did for years, but at some point it felt pointless cause I was feeling almost the same way.

I’m sorry this is happening to you. I’ve been there a few times

What do you mean, exactly, when you say “spiritual life”?

The poster indicated it is mandatory. It is not. No one should be made to feel it is, ever. The idea that I received that it was somehow mandatory nearly destroyed my spiritual life. It bothers me when people try an make it a requirement of Catholicism.

I am talking about bare minimum. Monthly confession is NOT an obligation. It’s not bad to do it more frequently but if you only have minimal energy it is so wrong to pile it on.

I mean my relationship with Jesus, praying, attending mass, reading and meditating on the scriptures.

A spiritual director can be a real asset in helping you reconnect with God. Such meetings bring a focus and attention to your spiritual life that can make a huge difference.


DO NOT GIVE UP. Go to Mass REGULARLY and to Confession even if you don’t feel like it or you don’t get anything out of it, GO!!! When we get into those “ruts” we must not feed on them we must SHAKE OURSELVES OUT OF IT and remember who we are serving. We don’t serve Him when we feel like it or if we feel like we get something out of Mass. We serve Him 24-7, 365. Our Faith will always have it’s ups and downs but that is us not Him. We can all feel a distance from God, Our faith, Mass, Prayer anything connected with the Church at times but we can NOT STAY IN THAT PLACE. WE MUST ALWAYS GO TO THE LORD even in the most difficult of times.
I am praying for you:
Hail Mary
Our Father
Glory Be

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If the person doesn’t like the Rosary, they can read Scripture or try another prayer.

Frequent confession brings grace to the person and gives the opportunity to mention their dryness to the priest, who often has a helpful thing to say.

In any event, you offered your advice. Let others offer theirs without dumping all over it. I thought Eddie’s advice was good. The OP can pick and choose what works for them.


I was assuming that, but realized I should check to make sure. The suggestion of a spiritual director was made.

I would add it might help to check into

> a prayer group in your area,

or possibly a life in the Spirit seminar.

We can give you all kinds of ideas and advice for kick-starting your spirituality., but when it comes down to it, it is up to you. Spirituality does not come in your favorite cereal box with all the chemicals, and additives and side effects clearly defined for you. In most cases, you need to ‘work’ at it. It isn’t like a bowl of oatmeal either where you can pour on the milk and add sugar and call it yummy. Maybe our boxes that are for consumption should be well labeled in big red letters, "For Love of God.
That is where your spirituality should start, ‘FOR LOVE OF GOD’ and go from there. Spirituality should not be seen as an achievement but as a condition. You will always be working on it and growing in it. First and foremost, We must seek and love Our Lord above all else. It will be really hard at times and it will be your life’s work, but never doubt that you will progress in some manner, slowly but surely.
I guess I could give you all kinds of advice on how to walk your journey, but I won’t as I am on my own walk and there are many stumbling blocks on my road. However, I do think keeping a journal is helpful and my best reflections and meditations come at night when my heart and soul are at rest. You might keep a notebook at the bedside. Let Love of God be your Roadmap.

Go to whatever parts of the Bible that you like. The Bible is an infinite supply of wisdom; no matter how much you read it, you’re always discovering wisdom. Moreover, ask the Lord to help you in your spiritual walk with Christ. When you spend time in the Word and in prayer, God moves [in your life] like a whirlwind.

It helped me also. In fact, there are times when all other prayers and even the Psalms just don’t seem like something I can relate to. “Ok then, write your own”, I said to myself. We are all so unique and go through different stages and cycles. What works well for one may not work well for another. And what worked well in the past may not work well now. And that is good and beautiful because we are living and growing in our spirituality. But writing always seems to be beneficial for me, especially when I feel as though I have nothing to write/. The Holy Spirit surprises me.

I am simply telling you from a lifetime of experience that the daily Rosary is essential - it may not be “required” but it is HIGHLY recommended by past popes and in the lives of this Saints. I have found, and I can speak for many, that if you are not turning to Our Lady through the Rosary every day as she said to do at Fatima, things will NOT go well in your spiritual life.

I am a lifetime Catholic and it has ALWAYS been recommended to receive the Sacrament of Confession at least monthly. They say the average man falls 7 times per day, so even monthly confession is not enough for some people. I know people that go weekly. If you read in the lives of the Saints, they went as frequently as possible. It sounds like you need to add some regular spiritual reading, especially on the lives of the Saints, because you seem a bit misinformed.

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