Struggling with occasions of sin


I understand the importance of avoiding the near occasions of sin. These are the very factors that can easily lead someone to sin. These days, I find myself getting into situations where I believe I can avoid falling into sin, yet, fear that I might have committed a mortal sin without actually committing it.

For example, not too long ago, I read an online story titled “water nymph” (the title caught my attention). Although I considered that there could be obscene materials, I read it anyway. While the story was not explicit in any way, it was the fact that I followed my curiosity which made me afraid that I might have failed to avoid some occasion of sin. Its the fact that not avoiding a near-occasion of sin= mortal sin is what concerns me greatly.


In order to commit a mortal sin three things must happen. 1) it must be of grave matter 2) it must be committed with full knowledge of the gravity of the matter 3) it must be committed with full consent.

A near occasion of sin is just that a near occasion, it is not in and of itself a sin. The point is to avoid that which will tempt you to sin. To know what triggers your temptation and avoid it. You are still going to fall into temptation at times even if you manage to avoid all near occasions. The point then is to not fall TO temptation and actually sin. For example, it may be that movies with kissing scenes will cause you to think about kissing which causes deeper thought which may lead to lustful thinking or masturbation (sorry lust/sex is an easy example because many struggle with it - not that I’m saying you do). So to avoid a near occasion of sin, you don’t watch love/romance movies.

I hope this helps - please let me know if I need to make it more clear.


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