Struggling with OCD about tattoos

Hi all! I have OCD and have not been able to let a certain situation go.

I am in RCIA, and nearing the time when I will be received into the Church. I happen to have tattoos. They are not immoral ones, they are my kids’ names, a cross, and some other ones like that.

I have searched on this forum, and the apologists have stated that as long as the tattoos are not immoral, we are free to have them. I also talked with my priest last night, and he said as long as there was no sinful intent behind the tattoos, then they are not sinful.

Even with these sources, I still feel like I’m going to go to hell for having tattoos. I am seeing a Christian therapist and trying to deal with it.

Any suggestions on what to do to let it go?

Tattoos are allowed. I just read (the link below) this yesterday and trust the apologist and priest you spoke with.

Congrats with your RCIA process. You’ll be in my prayers.

Trust in the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever!

You may need special therapy and medication to help overcome your OCD. God bless you.

I’ve been in your shoes and I can tell it doesn’t feel good.
For me the only thing that helped was time.
I’ve started to get a deeper insight regarding Gods love and endless mercy.
For me I felt the fear of hellfire after like 6 months of RCIA or so and felt like I where doomed, but after I got to know the church and our faith better it has worn of step by step.
Now I couldn’t care less about my tattoo of course I still dislike it out of other reasons, but no longer out of fear of hell.
My tattoo is the name of the football team Im rooting for, I still like to hide it during mass though…

The regrets of tattoos can ruin a lot of our life quality:(
Also I think it’s Satans way of making us feel unworthy of Gods love and keep us out of church so all I can say is, Don’t let him win!

If your tattoos are about your kids names and other positive things in your life try to feel positive about them.
And remembers tattoos or no tattoos you are the sister of Christ and you will always be welcome as a part of his flock as long as you worship him and praise his name.

Peace be with you my sister in Christ

  • MarianCatholic

You know, on the forums (which tend to be quite vulgar) there was a Catholic guy in the miscellaneous section who had a huge crucifix tattoo and he helped quite a bit in warming me up to the Church through his posts.

I think you need to just take the Church at her word. The Catholic Church says tattoos aren’t sinful in of themselves. Are you wiser than she is? Go to the mirror and say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for each of your children that you have tattooed.

The greatest weapon to all sin and temptations is an offensive. Prayer, study, generosity, evangelization. Just allow yourself to go deeper in your lifelong conversion, and I promise these and other scruples will decrease more and more. In Heaven, they will vanish.

Let it go. I don’t mean to sound hard, but let it go and let God work in your life. You have already had many people explain to you that it is okay. Let God now speak to you and let you know that you are okay. He loves you, tattoos and all. Just as the temples were adorned we too are temples and have the right to be adorned with the things that are important to us, especially the Lord.

I hope you find peace with this issue and you will be in my prayers.

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