Struggling with temptation re:humility possibly scrupulous

I was brought up in a culture that believed that if you share blessings with others, you can expect someone to give you “the horns”, ie: meaning someone will wish you evil.

I know this is superstitious. However, as a Catholic, I try my best to be humble. Despite this, it has been a constant stuggle for me to be around people who are bragging etc, especially when I know that these things they are bragging about are not important. I feel a lot of jealousy directed at me, not becuase of anything I said, just about visable blessings-ie: I chose to leave my career and am a stay at home mom.

These people constantly are asking me if I am bored, what in the world do I do all day, and it is directed at me in a very negative way. I know it is coming from people who do not have this opportunity. I tell them that my children and husband are my first priority. They treat this as a negaitive too, and try their best to minimize this to me.

So, the temptation to tell them off is there, as well as the uneasy feeling that they are wishing me evil.

As a Catholic-how do I deal with this, while shutting them up and still being humble too? Can evil be directed at me for this through others? I have said so many prayers for this.

I also don’t know if I am becoming scrupulous. I have turned very quiet for fear of sinning, and afraid that anything good can bring about evil out of others directed to me.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless you,
Mommy k

When someone says things like that to you, it is best to take a “turn the other cheek” response. Jesus exemplified this when Pilot questioned him and the Jewish people crucified him. He did the best thing, stay quiet and accept it. Also remember to do onto others as you would want done to you. Understand, this is probably Gods way of putting you to the test. It’s a chance to practice your virtues, like patience. If you have read any stories of saints, people always treat them in a negative way like you are experiencing, but they respond only in kindness, patience, love, and forgiveness.

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