Stuck at home on Christmas?


No Mass for me. I am sick with a terrible cough and fever.

The cough is one of those that goes into horrid spasams and gaging that can end with vomiting (and as a middled aged woman, it can cause me to lose bladder control). I can be just fine then BAM here comes another round. It would be too disruptive in Mass - not to mention embarrassing.

Vocal prayer is out, talking brings on the spasams.

So, here I sit - doing some reading, feeling like the worst Catholic in the world.


That_name, don’t feel bad about staying home sick. When you’re sick, you should be at home trying to get better and not out spreading your germs to everyone else.

Stay home, do mental prayer, and remember that there are many other people unable to go to Mass today due to illness, disability, or inclement weather.


When my wife and I moved to where we live now we came from a big city to a small town. This meant that mass times & options were a lot more limited.

One Sunday we got up a little late and missed the early Mass. We then decided we wanted to go to the store and things got delayed and missed the noon as well. We weren’t concerned because we figured that we would go to the EVENING Mass. Well when we showed up at Church, we found out that the evening mass was only a SUMMER THING.

We were devastated. We came home and looked up the readings and read them. We then talked about them and prayed and really got a unique and deep conversation out of it. Sure it wasn’t Mass, and we felt awful about it, but we still got something great out of it.

I think that sometimes learning how to take the bad and make something good out of it is the best we can do and what God wants from us.


Praying for your health. :crossrc:

I understand how you feel. My kids (4 and 2 yrs old) and hubby were sick this morning, so we did not go to Mass. I now appear to be getting the same sickness. :rolleyes:

I agree with SJG. Take care of yourself; get better. :hug1: Pray for those who cannot be at Mass because of various reasons.

I don’t know if you were concerned about this, but illness is a valid reason to miss Mass. See here :slight_smile:

So, have a hot cup of tea or lemon-honey water, and feel better! You’re in our prayers. :slight_smile:


I know it feels terrible to miss Mass. My husband and I couldn't go to Christmas Eve or
Christmas Masses because Oklahoma got hit by a blizzard right before and through Christmas. We watched the Mass on EWTN and talked about the readings. Yes, it isn't the same as actually attending Mass, but I think everyone misses sometimes for reasons like illness, injury or really bad weather. God understands and knows we would be there if we could.


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