"Stuck in the Middle" Altar Boys!

Hey all!
I wanted to start a thread for Altar guys! ;D
Just sharing experiences, fun stories and tips!

I serve in my parish at both the Ordinary and Extraordinary form of the Mass. I absolutely love it and I love talking with others excited about serving at our Lord’s table!

God bless you.


I hope there are some good stories. I went to a Latin Mass last Sunday and they had 8 Altar boys, all well trained, reverent and purposeful. It was great to see.

I was an altar girl for nine years and I loved it. My sisters also served. The first time we ever served my sister carried the cross backwards!! The candles wouldn’t blow out, and we accidently dumped the entire glass of water on the priest during the hand washing.
The priest was kind and after mass he applauded us and told us how wonderful we were.
I always tell future altar servers that they can’t be as bad as my sisters and I was our first time :smiley:

We got better over time though haha

I was an altar girl. I learned so much and developed such a love for the Mass by getting to assist in it. I think every child should do at least some altar serving because It is a fantastic way to learn about the Mass in a way no CCD class or book can do. Plus, it gives people a chance to become active in their parish at a young age with age-appropriate ways to make a real difference in their church. Those are experiences and a love for the Mass I will carry for the rest of my life.

I have seen a lot of things happen in my altar serving years.

Once a disturbed man decided he was going to sit next to the priest during the mass. Luckily the ushers took him out of the sanctuary and mass continued as normal. When Father gave the final blessing the same man comes running up towards the sanctuary screaming and yelling! The commotion it caused was terrible!

A few months ago the deacon was starting to read the Gospel when the vase that was next to me fell and shattered into dozens of pieces. I cut my hand while trying to pick them up. To this day I have no idea how that vase fell because there was no way I could have bumped into it.

Been serving for 8 years good times. I’m one of the most trained out of the servers.

There was a time the priest forgot to put his stole on so I had to look for it.

It gets so hot in my parish in the summer that a few people have fainted. The maximum occupancy is suppose to be 750 but we have about 800-900 people attending mass on a weekly basis. It gets unbearable and it’s one of the reasons why we don’t use incense during the summer months.

Father and I forgot that the incense was still burning one time when we left the Church. Our incense stands right next to the air vent.
Needless to say, the Church permanently smells like incense :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I freaking love the smell of incense; best smelling church ever :thumbsup:

Your church must smell great!:smiley:

I freaking love the smell of incense; best smelling church ever :thumbsup:

I altar served for 4 or 5 years in the Ordinary Form. Never had the honor or privelege to serve in the Extraordinary Form (yet, anyways). Haven’t too many stories myself but I know when my dad and uncles were altar serving many years ago one of them managed to get their robes lit on fire from one of the candles! Needless to say the priest paused the mass and ran over to get the fire out!

I once served for a Holy Hour of Eucharistic adoration. In the middle of the hour I passed out, probably of heat exhaustion and I was next to the priest hanging over the pew in front of me. I came to just in time for benediction where I had my next role. When it was all over in the sacristy I asked “Father didn’t you see me passed out next to you?” He replied “Oh I thought you were just praying really hard”

One time I was serving, and Deacan,who is a fun loving old man, incensed the Gospel then forgot to read it. Me and the priest told him to go back. Should’ve seen the look on his face. Later i was carrying a candle back to the sacristy and the wax fell all over me. Your not a true alter server if you never had the wax poured on.

My parish doesn’t use real candles.:frowning:

My serving history was for the Extraordinary Form but one day as a favour to Father I served his Ordinary Form Mass. He celebrates the Ordinary Form ad orientam, with a silent canon, etc. Many of the server’s actions mirror those in the Extraordinary Form (bringing the cruets to the altar, etc.). The Ordinary Form is rather simpler than the Extraordinary Form and I knew the Extraordinary Form like the back of my hand.

And I have never been more confused serving a Mass in my entire life…! It was so similar yet so distinct as well. I was completely thrown off!

I also have a strange habit of consistently addressing the celebrant as Father even if he’s Monsignor off he altar.

And lastly I wonder if anyone else has restrained the smile that comes to your lips as you here the other server’s stomach rumble because he hasn’t had breakfast. And had to fight outright laughter when you catch the priest snickering as he heard the rumbling too!

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

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