***Hiya all, calling all my Catholic friends, I was wondering if maybe there was a specific prayer to help with everything in this life, I’m having a rough time here with many problems in Nearly Every aspect of my life, yes, including Church, I admit that, I feel that there isn’t anything else I can do but simply be stuck. Some may ask why I am here if I am having issues with Church, well, because I feel as though this is the only way, something keeps me here, faith in humanity, that type of thing. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

Thank you for reading, I hope I worded this post correctly so doesn’t break the rules of the forum.***

Do you have a regular prayer life or is it haphazard? That is the best place to start.

There are several options for making prayer a part of your life. Many people pray the rosary daily and meditation on the mysteries. It’s a private devotion but many find it spiritually nourishing.

While I often pray the rosary prayers, I pray the daily prayer of the Church: The Liturgy of the Hours, also called The Divine Office: I pray Morning and Evening Prayer each day. The website makes it easy to do, but you can also buy a couple of shortened versions for lay people: Christian Prayer (the fuller version) and Shorter Christian Prayer, which, just as the name implies, is the shortest version. The LOTH follows the Church seasons, feast days, fast days, saints’ feasts, etc. so it keeps you connected to the Church throughout the year.

Prayer and availing ourselves of the Sacraments is what keeps us connected to Christ and his Church, as well as doing acts of charity for others. :slight_smile:

The Rosary.


Well this may sound a bit strange since you say that you are having so many problems but…This prayer has always helped me…no matter what was going on…

“Heavenly Father,
Thank you for this Glorious day,
for all the blessings you have bestowed on me,
and for the opportunity to serve you.”

I also suggest the prayer of St Francis and the “Serenity Prayer.”

And remember it isn’t about reciting the words - - words are nothing by themselves. What is important is to make the sentiments a part of your makeup. Thankfulness, service, and serenity can go a long way to getting us through difficult times.


  • You’re not alone!

  • I empathise!

  • Hold on to what you have said here as this is a blessing!

  • As said: Rosary.

you need some advice. You also need to have faith in the Catholic, must have absolute faith

I’d like you to try something, if you live in a rural area all the better,
Go somewhere. Where there is a really big open space, like a country field where there is nothing, or a large park, and say the lords Prayer out loud, stretch out your arms, thinking about the meaning of each sentence as you say it, repeat several times,
Then get back to me with how you felt,

My heart goes out to you. :console: Like others, I am all too familiar with that “stuck” feeling.

Without knowing what kind of a prayer life you currently have, it’s hard to make specific recommendations. Maybe you’ll find one or more of the following helpful.Pray the Novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots.

Pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Della gave some useful pointers on this above. If you are not accustomed to praying daily, I don’t recommend diving into all the offices at once as it can be overwhelming.

Pray the Rosary. Every day would be great, but if you cannot manage that at first at least strive for some regularity (such as Tuesdays and Thursdays, every Friday at 5pm, first Saturday of each month, etc.)

Make an appointment to speak with a priest about all that is troubling you. An impartial third party can help determine if there are things you’re doing that keep you “stuck” and assist you in finding ways to remedy the situation. Sometimes we’re not aware of such things ourselves, or we know we’re doing them but don’t realize they’re having such a negative effect on us. (Note: I strongly advise against doing this with a priest who is also a friend or relative.)

Seek the advice of a spiritual director. Your parish priest and/or diocese should be able to assist you in finding one. This person does not necessarily have to be a priest. Be aware that this can take some time, and you may have to meet with several potential SDs before you find one who is a good fit for you.

Avail yourself regularly of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. How often to confess is an individual matter. I go every two weeks. I’ve tried going weekly, with disastrous results. I’ve tried going monthly, and ended up ambivalent towards the sacrament. So two weeks works for me. YMMV.
God bless you on your journey. Praying for you!

If you need something quick, a Memorare, Hail Mary or Salve Maria will go a long way.

Along with all the good suggestions, the best prayer for “everything” is the one Jesus himself gave us: the Our Father. Here are some resources for prayerful meditations:

***Della, yes, it is haphazard, but it didn’t used to be until issues, and problems with Church came up, so I’m searching, thank you.

Nelka, Tawny, JRK, and Deo Gratias42, I thank you.

Friardchips, thank you, I’m trying to figure out what exactly the blessing is, :banghead: but then I just get the really guilty feeling because I know others have it much worse.

Ralph Cooper, it is hard for me since there have been issues in that department.

Phil at dayboro, I live out in the middle of nowhere, but I am not a verbal person, I do however go off for a walk or so in the woods and try to have silent time trying to listen, then try to have a conversation with Him, so far, I haven’t been able to come to many conclusions, but I thank you very much, I will have to try doing that verbal thing.

UpUpAndAway, Thank you. I am embarrassed to admit, I don’t remember those prayers, I will have to look them up. Being in such a rural area, there are basically no Priests available, and it doesn’t help that I think I have AS, not to mention the Priests that I know are so fragile, I don’t think it would be a good idea to put it all on someone like that. I don’t think I could trust a SD, I don’t trust much of anyone, I know how people work. Oh boy, I guess you’ve probably guessed my reason for not going to confession with Priests that don’t need extra stress, and I with having AS, and having claustrophobia, and just pure right out fear, I haven’t had a good experience with confession. I live in an area where Churches are few and far between. But I do thank you for your suggestions and your support, that really means a lot to me. :hug1:***

I agree with the others: make an appointment with a priest in your area. It can help tremendously, and they might be able to make arrangements for you to have Confession without triggering your claustrophobia. Give them an opportunity to serve you :slight_smile:

Also, I’ve been struggling with feeling stuck myself and my trust in God failing. What’s been helping me is just going through the New Testament, reading and meditating on a few chapters a day to relearn who God is, since my lack of trust isn’t a failing on His part but rather my misunderstanding Him. I hope that suggestion might help you, too. Baby steps. I’ll pray for you!

The way to get through being “stuck” is to not rely on feelings or moods, but to simply practice the faith. That is why I suggested (strongly) the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as reading the daily Mass readings: it takes very little time but has eternal rewards. Praying structured prayer every day takes our minds off our feelings and wants and redirects them to God and what he desires of us. Dry times are opportunities for growth–for trusting in God even when he doesn’t seem to be there. Like the Beloved in the Song of Songs he sometimes hides himself from us so that we will yearn all the more for him. It’s God’s way of saying, you need to keep your life in me, not in yourself. So, keep that in mind, and pray daily, do acts of charity, attend Sunday Mass ( Saturday evening, of course), and trust in God. Really, there’s nothing more you need to do. :slight_smile:

***Thank you very much Blueshells and Della:)

Phil at dayboro, I haven’t gotten the nerve to try what you said, too many hunters out this time of year.:o***

I truly believe that even though God intervenes often and does so for many of us, most of the time He respects our freedom and leaves us to our own free will, unless we ask Him to help us.
Jesus told us to pray frequently, persistently, even though God knows what we need before we ask Him. Why? Because our freedom is a Divine Gift, and He doesn’t interfere (I think) unless He has a very specific purpose for us.
I write all this to encourage your very frequent prayer–developing the habit of prayer–and be influenced by the Church’s encouragement to participate in the Liturgy of the Word or the Divine Office. If you go to any Group, they are listed on the right side of any Forum screen, you’ll find a search Groups box at the upper left of each Group screen–come find our Groups under Liturgy or Office–even when Groups aren’t recently active you’ll usually find a wealth of info in their conversations. Please search Favorite or Prayer to find our Favorite Prayer Group for the days that can come so frequently sometimes when our own prayers just don’t seem to make sense.
We will keep you in our prayers.

Please, whatever you do, do NOT put your faith in humanity, but in God alone. I recommend that you pray the Most Holy Rosary faithfully every day for all of your needs and intentions. Our Lord told the Fatima seer St. Lucia that in these days the Rosary has more efficacy. It is a very, very powerful prayer! God bless you.

Thank you all, I’m still working on it.

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