Student (Dead) Ate More Pot Than Recommended: Police

Levy Thamba Pongi, 19, consumed a little more than one cookie after his friend legally purchased four of the pot edibles at a shop in Denver — even though a store clerk told her to cut one cookie into six pieces and eat just one piece at a time, according to the reports obtained Thursday.

Back at their hotel, the group of four friends followed the instructions, but when Pongi felt nothing after about 30 minutes, he ate an entire cookie, police said . . .

An autopsy report from the March 11 incident lists marijuana intoxication as a “significant contributing factor” in the death.

Sad. As more people start using it it seems the more we are starting to see that it’s not as “harmless” as its advocates have said.

Thinking about this for just a moment, it’s appalling on more than one level.

We have here a substance that can kill a person if ingested in a quantity greater than “recommended”. Recommended by whom? A store clerk.

Now, lots of medications can kill a person if taken to excess. But the “recommendations” are given by physicians and pharmacists who know what they’re doing and know what the human body can take. But a store clerk makes the “recommendation” for toxic pot cookies.

And pharmaceuticals are dosed in very precise measure. Why? So the physician and pharmacist can be certain the dose is right. And the manufacturers rigorously ensure that a pill that’s supposed to be, say, 50 grams of the medication really is 50 grams, not 300.

But the toxic pot cookies are made of a batter stirred by somebody or other under no supervision whatever and cut willy-nilly into six pieces the clerk thinks are “right”.

This truly is “reefer madness” on the part of everybody involved.

I have to say this because I thought it was amusing. Heard a commentator describe Obama’s (and Holder’s) America as a “Work free drug place.” Made me chuckle. Lot of truth to it.

Many over the counter drugs can be toxic or deadly. But we use them in moderation for their beneficial effects.

One issue with marijuana is that there is no standardized measure of THC content. If it were regulated, then there could be labeling similar to food labels, or drug labels, which give the potential user more information about safe dosage.

Denver seems to need to learn the hard way on a whole host of issues.

This marijuana legalization nonsense is a terrible idea, driven by governments lusting for more tax revenue. All Christians should denounce it.

Even once it becomes more obvious to everyone that marijuana legalization was not a good idea, how can anyone undo this? How can we change the laws back? I think it would be difficult.

It was done once, it can be done again. Weed wasn’t illegal to begin with until the 1930’s.

I believe this article shows Alaska decriminalized Marijuana in 1975 but made it illegal in 1990.
There might be other similar cases.
It seems marijuana must be much more potent nowadays. To think it could kill someone from taking too much is odd. I had heard about this story prior.

What about alcohol and nicotine?

I’ve heard people compare it to alcohol which isn’t exactly harmless.

Marijuana didn’t kill him, falling four stories killed him

Marijuana didn’t kill him, falling four stories killed him

The difference between marijuana and a lot of pharmecuticals is that most people take pharmecuticals because of a medical issue. What reason do most people want to take marijuana other than to get high?

He had more than the recommended dose, but what if the marijuana led to the risk-taking behaviour than led him to be on the roof? This is speculation.

This trend suggests that subjects with stronger and deeper inhalation topographies showed a larger increase in risk taking at the MJ3 dose. The failure to find a significant relationship between the psychometric (personality) measures and the effects of THC on risky decision making may be due to the sample size of 10. Future studies seeking to uncover such relationships will require greater power with a larger cohort.

Marijuana use is related to a number of risky behaviors that may result in aversive consequences to self or others, including crime, other drug use, risky driving, traffic accidents, and high-risk sexual activity (Brook et al, 1999; Cunningham et al, 2000; Friedman et al, 2001; Kingree et al, 2000).

Killing pain and stimulating appetite.

Is this why most people use marijuana? No, of course not.

But it does have significant beneficial potential uses, and I would be very sad to see them ignored entirely.

Is your last comment regarding medical use of marijuana though, not recreational use? More research needs to be done on marijuana for medical use. But there may be another option for any medical uses for substances in marijuana, and that is making synthetic versions that do not have all the toxins etc in that is in marijuana. That may have already been done with Marinol. I read that has synthetic THC.

People don’t say of drunk driving accidents, the alcohol didn’t kill him, the car did.

Marijuana didn’t kill him, falling four stories killed him

People don’t say of drunk driving accidents, the alcohol didn’t kill him, the car did.

Contributory Factor, the Marijuana.

The same could be said about all those children at Sandy Hook. The crazy dude didn’t kill them the bullets did. Technically that’s correct, but it leaves out the causation.

In both the falling case and the cookie case, there would have been no deaths without the marijuana.

One person died and marijuana was listed as a contributing factor, so we should completely ban pot and continue with this foolish, expensive, and ineffective war on drugs?

How about instead we ban football, horseback riding, guns, alcohol, cars, bikes, boats, extreme and contact sports, etc. Because, you know, we totally need the government deciding for us what an acceptable level of risk is.:rolleyes:

Yep, most people smoke pot to relax and have a little fun. That’s why people engage in most recreational activities, and most other activities have much higher rates of injury and death than pot.

Freedom means that people are allowed to do things that you find distasteful, just as you are allowed to do things they don’t like. Some of the best experiences I’ve ever had have been risks, and people should be allowed to decide those things for themselves.

How many of those bad side effects can come from drinking more than enough alcohol to get you drunk?

No, actually I’m saying the drunk driver killed them not the alcohol.

Alcohol doesn’t kill victims of drunk driving, the drunk driver did.

I could say the same regarding tons of cases regarding alcohol.

True, but I wasn’t arguing that. I was just pointing out the problem with your statement.

Alcohol can be used without getting drunk, can the same be said about weed and getting high?

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