Student Debt

What if you feel youve been called to religious life but you have incurred student loan debt?
A lot of people say live with someone…thatll take a load off your expenses. Well, in my case I have to pay my Mom $600 a month for room and board among other expenses. I feel I have been called to religious life but owe $37000 in student loans :frowning:

Recently, I read about a young woman who was called to the Religious life. She owed
$50,000 in loans, even though she was accepted to a community, the debt had to be paid off.

Here let me link it, and you can read it for yourself:

Sister Mary Joseph of the Annunciation

You could work for a couple of years to pay it off.

It could be part of your journey towards holiness.

You can also be in contact with a religious order/congregation at the same time, and participate in retreats, events etc.

You could also have a spiritual director during this time and work with the vocation director.

PS don’t count on any debt miracle! God does things for our good, and sometimes He wants is to gut it out… as I know from my own experience

There was some group that paid debt for prospective religious (like scholarships) that was featured on Catholic Answers Radio show but I can’t remember the name it has been a while since I listened to the show. Ask Catholic Answers! God Bless I have debt from college too!

To scc11:

I have been discerning religious life for years and I have incurred at least 5 times your current debt. I was on the verge of becoming realistic, to believe that there was just no way to pay them off in time. A few weeks later, God led me to a monastery that was the most beautiful place I have ever been to, with the spirituality that matched mine, and a love for the sisters as my own family. It was a dream come true.

Do not be disheartened. Keep trying, and try harder on days when you’re on the brink of despair. If God wants you there, He will find the most fruitful (and most interesting!) way for you. He is the richest being on the planet. So if He hasn’t dropped a pile of money at your feet, then it is not our time just yet.

Try the Mater Ecclesaie and the Laboure Society for help on student loan debt for those aspiring to be religious. You must have found a religious order that is willing to accept you along with letters of recommendations and other things.

Praying for your vocation :] God bless!

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