Student effort saves small Catholic school -- for now

For many people, the speed of the Internet and its many social media sites can seem dizzying and, at times, slightly off-putting.

10 schools just closed in my diocese. Thankfully, my daughter’s did not.

It’s sad.

Fisher More is a distinctive school, but has a challenging business model

Here are a few of the distinctive features about college, as described on its website:

We are the only accredited 4-year Catholic college that proclaims fidelity to the Traditional Latin Mass as essential to achieving its mission and has a full-time chaplain from the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (F.S.S.P.) in residence.

Our work calendar is the liturgical calendar of the Church. Every day we attend Mass, pray the Rosary, sing the Angelus, chant the Divine Office, study, and dine together as a community.

Each year our president and all faculty take the Oath Against Modernism (Pope Saint Pius X, 1910).

The challenging business model is that college doesn’t participate in any government loan or grant program to assist students. The school also doesn’t assist students in getting private loans. This means a prospective student needs to have amassed a hefty savings account, or have parents who are willing to bankroll their child for college expenses. Tuition is low: $4,500/semester if living off-campus or $5,000/semester if living on-campus, payable in full at the start of each academic period.

I am not sure why Fisher More wound up in such a deep financial bind that it faced closure. Unless the school can fix that those problems, the heroic fundraising effort discussed in the news article will only delay, for a few months, the inevitable closure of the college.

Blessed be the internet, and the power of prayer,
did I mention that GOD is in this too? If He can
use students AND benefactors in this way, it
proves w/o a doubt that ALL things serve Him,
he is more AWESOME than the fear that is DUE
Him. Amen! (Ps 90)

I hope the school can continue because they look like they offer a very promising Catholic education for next to nothing.

I wonder if Fisher Moore would be in better shape if they hadn’t rebranded themselves something for like 3 or 4 times in their short existence… there is no consistency coming out of the institution. (Well, theological consistency, but not financial.)

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