Student newspapers destroyed over ad

Over 400 newspapers were destroyed and placed in front of the office of Drake University’s student newspaper, employees said.

Austin Cannon, the managing editor of the Times-Delphic, found a thrown pile of drenched newspapers at about 4 p.m. Thursday.

On the top of the pile was an advertisement for Agape Pregnancy circled in black marker.

This is from the Agape website:

There are many reasons why you may be considering an abortion. You’re not ready to be a parent, you’re afraid to tell anyone you’re pregnant, the father of your child is insistent. Regardless, our staff is here to listen so you don’t have to go through this decision alone. We aim to provide you with all of your options so you can make the best decision for you.

If you are considering abortion, there is critical information you need to know. What type of abortion are you considering? How far along are you in your pregnancy? What are the risks? There is a lot to educate yourself on, and we are here to help.

Since we don’t perform abortions at Agape and all of our services are free, we don’t make any money from your decision. We offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds to confirm the pregnancy and determine gestational age. We will offer educational information on all of your options. Take the time, do the research and make an informed decision.

Seems perfectly reasonable.

Was this done by Planned Parenthood?

What is really scary is the students are taught by teachers like this one:

In the most recent two editions of The Times-Delphic I have noticed an advertisement for the AGAPE Pregnancy Center here in Des Moines. I am concerned about this organization because they are known to be what is termed a “crisis pregnancy center.” Crisis pregnancy centers are largely fronts for anti-choice, anti-abortion organizations and they are known for providing misleading information to young women who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy. While their ads lead women to believe they offer free services, they do not offer comprehensive reproductive information. I find it deeply troubling and problematic that The Times-Delphic is taking advertising money from these deceptive and harmful organizations. At the very least, if you must take its money, publish a disclaimer next to the ad so young women won’t be fooled into thinking they can get free health care, when what they get is propaganda and harmful lies.
Thank you,
Beth Younger
Associate professor of English and Women’s and Gender Studies

Love those liberal arts professors. :mad: It’s like Christianity is a dirty word.

Another case of progressive tolerance. :rolleyes:


Misleading? What do they do, tell the women that it’s more than just a clump of cells?

/sarc off

It would be nice if the professor identified some of the harmful lies. Particularly when she accuses AGAPE of not being “informative”………

I counseled in a Crisis Pregnancy Center for 5 years. CPCs are the ONLY organization that is there for the woman no matter want choice she made. When a woman decided to abort it was only the CPCs that were there to support them when the inevitable regret set in. In fact we had programs for the Fathers of aborted children also. if these women went back to the Abortion provider expressing regret they were quickly shown the door.

Recall that years back the Democrats in Congress tried to shut down all the CPCs. NY Democrats tried to the same thing a year or so ago So much for “choice”

But why don’t CPC simply describe their services as an alternative to abortion and state that they will provide support to help a mother cope with her pregnancy and provide assistance in in the early stages of her babies’ life?

There is an element of deceit in some ads. for CPC’s. The one in my town is worded this way.

Be nice to see Abortion Clinics held to the same standards. For example:

"For a fee we will chop your child into little pieces and throw then out with the trash. "

The ad quoted was quite clear what they were. Every CPC I’ve ever been to (four) has been extremely clear that they exist in order to assist women by helping them to identify alternatives to abortion, which is especially helpful for women who are told ferociously by people such as the professor noted that there is no other reasonable choice.

Deceit is when a group CALLS itself “pro-choice” but does nothing to promote or assist women who want to choose something other than abortion. I suspect we all know precisely what kinds of places operate THAT way…

:smiley: you are so right.

Well, that’s not a helpful response. Abortion clinic ads state that they offer abortions.

The CPC in my town goes out of the way in stating that many women miscarry and wont even need an abortion. They are specifically presenting themselves as an organization open to abortion when they are not.

CPC’s should state that they serve to help women not choose abortion.

I believe that fellow forumites do realize that some or many CPC’s do purposefully use language to present themselves to be something other than what they are.

Actually they advertise themselves as "Women’s Health Clinic’s: offering “reproductive Services” Does it make you uncomfortable when I describe what they really are in the business of? It should.

A lot of young women don’t know what they are getting into when they have an abortion. It is not that easy or painless for the would-to-be mother, not to mention the emtional and psychic suffering she will feel, if she has the slightest conscience. Not to mention the murder of her would-be child.

Make me uncomfortable? No.

I don’t think that your response really adds anything to the discourse though and certainly isn’t going to help change the hearts and minds of Pro-Choice lurkers who may be reading.

Abortion clinics certainly state that they offer abortions and describe the process.

CPC’s should present themselves for the good work they do and clearly present that- not try to trick women or stall for time hoping that the period of the woman’s pregnancy will move past the point where they wouldn’t be able to seek an abortion if they still wanted one.

Why the subterfuge?

Excuse 10

You call for truth. Estesbob presents the truth. You don’t like Estesbob’s presentation. Are you really interested in truth. Or just your truth.:confused:

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