Student of Theology/Divinity Seeking Location List in Latin America


Hello, I’m a male who entered the RCC over 5 years ago, and have a degree in philosophy. I’m very interested in returning to academic life, or entering monastic life (which I’ve already had a small taste of), or a combination of the two. In terms of academics, I am very interested in studying Catholicism and the Bible formally, to lead into a Holy Order or not, I haven’t discovered if that’s what I’m to do.

The reason I post this here is mainly to obtain information on what my options are, and I haven’t found all the information I’m seeking online (perhaps partly due to my searching in english?). I’m looking for a no or very low-cost scenario given my interests above. I’d like to have a list of places in Latin America (first South America, where I currently am) where I could study Catholicism/The Bible in English at no cost, and also a list of monasteries or catholic communities where I’d be welcome to join (perhaps initially teaching English and simultaneously learning Spanish?). I know English isn’t used much in Latin America, so this is maybe a tall order. But, if you have any suggestions or names, or even advice, it would be great to hear what any Catholics here have to say.

Also, I welcome private replies as well if there are specific opportunities you’d like to see if I’m a good fit for.



Most of what this blog features are religious communities in Central and South America.

Perhaps the blog could be a resource for you.



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