Student Sues 'Anti-Christian' Teacher Over Remarks in Class,2933,345274,00.html

Somebody should teach that “teacher” that “The South” isn’t a country among other things.

I hope they win the case.

I think Fox has a typo in their article, leaving out the phrase “part of the” in his first question. You’ll notice that his remaining questions all use the phrase “part of the country”.

A blog seems to back this up, which has the teacher’s comments in their original context. Its worth looking at, not only to clarify what the teacher said, but also to understand why he said what he said. Clearly, he was challenging students to think about the criminal justice system and the role of punishment.

The blog doesn’t address why the teacher used the phrase “Jesus glasses”, but since he was teaching an Advanced Placement class I would guess it was a similar attempt to shake students out of their complacency and get them to think. Posing challenges is not necessarily a bad thing.

The teacher is clearly an anti-Christian bigot and I hope the student wins.

Get the students to think, no. This is not about getting students to think.

If this teacher had said the same types of things about any group other than Christians, he’d be out on his ear.

And, yes, students should be “made to think,” however, the diatribes by this teacher did not invite thought, they were merely spewed bigotry.

James Corbett, told his students that “Gay glasses” obscure the truth and suggested that Gays are more likely than other people to commit rape and murder.
Farnan recorded his teacher telling students in class: “What country has the highest murder rate? The West Coast! What part of the country has the highest rape rate? The West Coast! What part of the country has the highest rate of gays? The West Coast!”

He would already be in jail if he had tried a different approach. I bet he gets a slap on the wrist. Imagine if he had substituted “blacks” “Muslims” or “liberals”

I don’t think the comparison to blacks or Muslims works because they are not part of the dominant culture. Liberals work, however. But I am not sure that there would be a hue and cry for him using that as a challenge.

I don’t know, if someone used that verbiage in reference to African Americans or those from the Islamic faith, wouldn’t there be quite an outcry about discrimination and hate-crime?

sigh There have been so many times where I wished I had a recording device in my classrooms.

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