Student suspended for Pro 2 Amendment project


A New Jersey High School Student from Manville High was suspended after making a pro Second Amendment film for a class.

With this type of “thought control”, it won’t be long before Christian will be suspended as well for any number of things found offensive in the faith.


Such unbelievable hysteria on the part of the school. It was a thumb drive, not a gun he left in the school. The Police cleared the content as being okay, but the school thinks the student needs 5 hours of testing? No, the school administrators do.


We don’t know enough about the content to the student’s video to judge if it justifies this response. It is suspicious, though, that the teacher does “not remember” assigning and approving the project. Teachers usually remember things like that.


It also seems odd that the project was intended for a class he took last school year. Did he not turn in his assigned project?

But I agree, we don’t know enough about the content of the video ,or about the student’s history, to hold firm opinions about this situation.


If only he had gutted a clock and put its components into a briefcase so that it resembled a suitcase bomb.


I guess there a failure to believe the Police then. Law enforcement saying the content was okay is not enough for some people. Rather, they wish to side with the school or whoever else they think is knowledgeable enough to okay it. Wonder who that would be…


It said it was on a thumb drive he left in the computer lab. I have thumb drives with projects I completed in college 6 years ago. Heck if I looked hard enough I could likely find projects that I did 15 years ago. Just because he has a copy of a project doesn’t mean he didn’t turn it in.

The fact that the police said there was nothing wrong with it implies that nothing in the project was illegal or indicated that he was a threat. The only threat was likely to the anti Second Amendment crowd that want to keep peddling that gun control and gun free zones work.


With how liberals persecute anyone that doesn’t buy into their thought police mentality? It is possible that the teacher did assign it but knows that liberals will call for their head on a platter for brain washing kids into thinking that the second amendment exists and gun control doesn’t work. Could also be that they “don’t remember” because they know that libs will be calling for them to be fired or suspended.


Exactly. :thumbsup:


For those that actually care, this is a video of the presentation he made. Note it is from 5 months ago (i.e. last school year).


Oh my gosh.

Just watched the video.

Are people out of their minds?

There is nothing in this video that would warrant the attention this school gave it. It is not threatening in any way. Unbelievable that they suspended him at all, or that they thought Police needed to see that, or that they would think he is the one that needs 5 hours of testing.

Clearly, the administrators in that school have some issues. So glad that my children are grown and out of school.


Now that I have seen it, this video should not have caused the school any concern.


Hey, for once, we agree, Leaf! :wink:


The established state religion is secular political correctness. He questioned and mocked that religion and has paid the penalty.


Yes, but if his teacher doesn’t remember him doing the project, that seems odd. It suggests he did not turn it in.

As far as the video goes, what you linked to doesn’t seem troubling. If that is what was on the thumb drive, I find the school’s concern to be puzzling.


The student knew that the second amendment is a live-wire. A level of opprobrium should have been expected.



According to one of the other articles I read, the assignment was to expose students to view points they might not have encountered. He said he talked to the teacher and she agreed to the topic. He gave the presentation, took a few questions from classmates and said it caused no issue at the time.

While I know it can be a lighting rod, it should not be something where administration requires an extensive psych eval and gets to the point the student drops out of highschool to get a GED. Heck I had to have a psych eval for a position of trust and it was half that amount of time. Given that the police cleared it, the school district seemed to go way overboard in their reaction.


Here’s another article that includes the video. Prepare yourselves for the horror!!


Just more proof there is a very fine line between an american patriot and a domestic terrorist.

Its a wonder why we even celebrate July 4th anymore!


“I don’t think this is right,” said Harvey. "I was just following the instructions of my teacher and now she doesn’t want to admit to it. I don’t understand. If she would just say she gave the class the assignment there wouldn’t be a problem.

“It’s very disappointing I won’t be able to complete my senior year and graduate with my friends.”

Terrible that the school is doing this to him and that his teacher won’t own up to her part in it.

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