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One necessitates the other. More teens are having sex, thus more sex education is needed.

from the article the OP posted:
"At the same time, Congress and the Bush administration have directed hundreds of millions of dollars toward abstinence-only education in the public middle schools and high schools — classes that have been roundly criticized for blurring the line between science and religion"
Huh?! Since when did abstinence become about science vs. religion? It’s a question of morality and ethics, which would be a branch of philosophy, not theology. Ok, let me see if I understand this line of reasoning: I choose to be abstinent for moral reasons, thus I am a conservative Christian, thus I hate science because it contradicts my blindly held faith? Um… non sequitor!

Besides, there are many scientific reasons for abstinence… for example, it’s the only method that is completely effective.

But abstinence doesn’t work.

It doesn’t? :shrug: What is the pregnancy rate for people who abstain from sex?

You can’t possibly be so dumb as to misunderstand what I meant.

Celibacy as a method of birth control always fails because it never successfully stops sexual activity.

I’m not dumb…I’m just taking you at your word. For all I know, you don’t know about the birds and the bees. :shrug:

Abstinence works every time it is used properly. No contraceptive can make that claim. You assume…wrongly…that someone who is doing their best to practice abstinence is too stupid to use contraception when they fall. Who is dumb??

Thankfully, my teen isn’t a moron…he fell…he used a condom. Did I say, “son, as Catholics we don’t believe in using contraception?” No, I said, “son, I’m glad you’re not an idiot. As Catholics, we don’t believe in contraception; however, we also don’t believe in pre-marital sex. If you had told me that you had sex, but that I would be proud because you didn’t use a condom, I would have smacked you up-side the head.”

He is now back in abstinence mode, and realizes he made a mistake (he thought his girlfriend was “the one” :rolleyes: ). For some reason, people who hate Church teaching assume that everyone who does their best to follow Church teaching doesn’t have a brain in their head. Abstinence works…it’s just difficult. Irresponsible parents prefer to give up and give their kids birth control…who is dumb??

You are, because I never said that.

Obviously abstinence prevents pregnancy and STD’s, but it requires absolute lack of sexual activity. This is something you’ll never get from teenagers (or adults), which is why contraceptives are a much more realistic solution.

Do you mean that abstinence-only education doesn’t work?

I think it is important to promote abstinence before marriage, but we shouldn’t leave kids in the dark as to contraception and STDs, either.

Contraception requires an **absolute correct and consistent usage. ** Guess what? That does not happen.

When they don’t include a strong emphasis on abstinence in the schools and at home, then the parents/schools are dumb. It will lead to an increase in promiscuity (which it has) and that leads to an increase in STDs (which it has) and teen pregnancy.


So you weigh the two responsibilities as equal, do you?

Abstinence involves fighting one of the most basic human instincts all of the time.

Contraception involves taking a pill at a regular interval.

And yet abstinence is a fact of most people’s lives for long periods. I chose it on moral grounds eight years ago and feel better and freer all the time. Before the Pill andd isposable condoms, most adults spent years of courtship, and later years of widowhood, without sex. It takes no effort at all not to have sex. It may be tempting, as it may be tempting to go the wrong way on the wy to work and see the open road instead (a more basic instinct for me anyway), but as with a last-minute detour, if you know you’ll be sorry, you just don’t.

Yes, definitely.

Have you read a copy of Glamour or Cosmo lately?
PLEASE, I’m not suggesting it.
(I glance at them at the salon)

I wouldn’t doubt if they are sleazier than the Playboys of the 50s.

Women behaving like hormonal teenage boys (Girls gone wild) is a learned behavior, thanks to the sexual revolution.

I don’t agree here. It is a serious spiritual battle for all the chaste Catholic singles I know to not have sex. Especially those in dating relationships.

What is easy is giving in.

I dare say that abstinence is a part of many peoples lives, though not necessarily by choice…

It’s also a fact that abstinence-only education does not work.

And that’s your right, nobody is suggesting that you ought to be on the pill.

But I don’t want your moral choice being taught to my children.

Yes, which is unhealthy.

The goal of abstintinence education is to encourage children not to be sexually active. In high school, the vast majority of students are not adults should be encouraged to at the very least delay sex until they are older.

Okay, wait. First you say that we are free to choose abstinence for ourselves and then you tell us it is unhealthy? I wouldn’t want your views taught to my children!

And it doesn’t work.

Yes. Where is there a contradiction?

If you personally believe that abstinence is the right choice for you, no problem.

But when you turn around and say that your belief is the moral standard which should be taught to children, and that our society should continue to treat sex as something shameful, I take issue.

Responsibilities? No. I weigh the results. Most “unwanted” pregnancies occur among people who are making no attempt whatsoever to abstain. They enjoy their promiscuity, but they aren’t so good at using the contraceptive methods they employ. In addition to the “unwanted” pregnancies, many of them get to enjoy STDs. Very responsible. :rolleyes:

I see…so “abstinence” is a moral issue? Apparently, you weren’t instructed about the birds and the bees. :stuck_out_tongue:

I abstained successfully until I was 19 years old, and I was Agnostic and/or Athiest during my teen years. I did so out of logic, not morals. Apparently, you don’t want your children to be taught to make logical choices either?

Abstinence-only education is, absolutely.

Sexual education is just that, education. By definition it would teach teenagers how the body works sexually, thus they would learn that not having sex is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

And that’s your choice. It doesn’t contradict or fly in the face of sexual education.

That’s right, my children don’t need to be taught logic from the school. They can use it on their own.

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