Students' television license question

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I left my rented house in the city on Saturday and only a day or two before I left I found out that the t.v. license bill hadn’t been paid. The landlord leaves it up to us and the three of us who have been living there for the past semester (plus another girl living with us from the semester before that) never received the bill. We watched the t.v. a lot and I’m just wondering what to do now. I believe the laws for television licenses in Ireland are the same as in the UK, so not paying the bill (even though no-one came around to us) seems to amount to stealing.

I’d be grateful for any insight or advice.


As far as I’m aware, there is no way to pay for a TV licence retrospectively (the computer can’t cope with that!), so your best bet is to get one in your name right away, then you’ll be fully paid up for the year ahead. I pay for mine by direct debit so I don’t have to worry about a large bill.

As you were not aware you were not covered by a tv licence, you were not sinning, so don’t worry about it. I suppose it is technically stealing, but you can’t blame yourself if you were not aware of it.

I’m not even sure it counts as stealing if you were unaware. Ora pro nobis is right.

Thanks for your insight, Ora. I hope to be moving away from the local college and doing a Masters course in Dublin come September, so I don’t think there’s any point in getting one for the coming year as I won’t be in that house any more. Thanks for reassuring me. :slight_smile:

God bless! :smiley:

Thanks for the input, LDN. I was pretty anxious about the whole affair and it’s helped to have another voice on the thread. Thank you and God bless! :thumbsup:

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