Study: 65% of Sub-Fertile Women Achieve Pregnancy with Natural Method

July 8, 2010 ( - A five-year study by the Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre of Australia Ltd. found that sub-fertile women achieved a known pregnancy rate of 65% using the Billings Ovulation Method.   Developed by Drs John and Evelyn Billings, the Billings…

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I think this intended to say, “Great news”…progress using natural methods is improving.

I think this is great news which needs to be promoted. IVF is just SO accepted & on those tv shows (John & Kate Plus 8 for ex), they do not talk enough about the great risk to the mother as well as the infants. I think there will be so many adults (born from IVF) that will have health problems since the IVF babies are delicate and premature. They do not outgrow all their problems, I’m sure.

The Billings Method doesn’t seem to address those women who are asymptomatic, though. My DIL and son are trying to conceive, and she is on clomid, but I don’t know how much else her doctor can help.

I started a novena to Our Lady of Mt Carmel. Already finished one to St Gianna Molla.

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