Study: Belief in 'Caring' God Helps Relieve Depression

New research shows that patients on anti-depressants are more likely to experience improvement if they believe in a "concerned God.

"The study, released on Tuesday by Rush University Medical Center, found that patients with strong beliefs in a personal and concerned God were 75 percent more likely to get better with medical treatment for clinical depression that other patients.

“In our study, the positive response to medication had little to do with the feeling of hope that typically accompanies spiritual belief,” said Patricia Murphy, PhD, a chaplain at Rush and an assistant professor of religion, health and human values at Rush University. “It was tied specifically to the belief that a Supreme Being cared.”

Results were based on responses from 136 adults diagnosed with major depression or bipolar depression at inpatient and outpatient psychiatric care facilities in Chicago. They were surveyed shortly after admission for treatment and eight weeks later.

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Thank you for this information. It confirms that Charity works wonders because God Himself is our Model. God bless!

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