Study Bible suggestions?

I am looking for study bible suggestions. Any recommendations? Thank you! Edit: Eastern Study Bible

The Orthodox Study Bible. Lots of commentary from the Church Fathers.



We use the RSV-CE2 (Ignatius Bible) in our Byzantine Catholic parish, for study. Also approved by the Catholic Church is the NRSV-CE.

Different take: 1. Any solid Catholic (73 books) bible, i.e. D-R, Knox, RSV-CE, Revised English Bible, Wycliffe NLT-CE in combination with 2. catholic radio/TV/YouTube vids. Listen while working from home, doing daily chores, driving etc. Convert your drone work times of the day into an enriching endeavor.

Good translation :+1:


There is an on-line Bible Study from Fr. Peter Babej, the pastor of St. Josophat’s Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in Edmonton, AB, Canada.
Home page is (this is not a hyper-link).
On the home page there is a pull-down menu under “Teachings” with “On-line Bible Study” listed.
Fr. Babej uses not only the bible, but the book “Christ Our Pascha” for this series; however, you can start the program, as I did, without the book and then review the lessons when you do acquire it. So far there are 15 one hour sessons. Hopefully, he’ll be able to continue this even after our pandemic crisis is over.

FYI - just so people are not confused, the correct abbreviation for this translation is:


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