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Do you need a study guide for the bible, I have the Ignatius study RSV 2CE which is great, but I prefer my Douay - Rheims as in my opinion that is the definitive Bible translation not just for Catholics but period. Could I just use the study notes from the Ignatius RSV - 2CE in conjunction with the Douay - Rheims both have nihil obstat and imprimatur and are Catholic.
what are your thoughts please??

It’s great that you want to study the Bible and you want an accurate translation to do it with. I don’t think there necessarily is a “definitive translation for Catholics;” there are pros and cons to each one. I tend to use a variety of translations myself, and check them against each other if there is a question (or else check the Hebrew/Greek). The RSV-2CE is a very good version to use, since it uses better manuscripts that wouldn’t have been available to the translations of older versions. I most commonly use it because of its accuracy and ease of reading; the update of the NAB is also fairly good. Consider also that the Douay is a translation of a translation, i.e. it was taken directly from the Vulgate, which is itself a translation of the original languages. I’m not saying the Douay is bad, I just don’t think it has to be “definitive” the way the KJV might be definitive for certain Protestants.


I have several translations; some of which I keep solely for the study aids they include (in particular, a NIV that includes Greek and Hebrew dictionaries and grammatical notations).

Is the Vulgate taken from the septuagint? My D-R bible is by Baronius press and is beautiful and seems more “Catholic” than my RSV-2CE which is by Ignatius press, I love them both I just thought the D-R was more accurate. I have my grandparents D-R with confraternaty new testament from 1950 which is immaculate and really impressive, only thing is its not practical as it is quite large.

There are plenty of great resources to draw from for insights on specific Bible passages. We have modern and ancient Bible commentaries as Catholics. Below is a link to my project that has tons of excellent commentaries on Scripture!

St. Jerome used the Hebrew when available. Only the Deuterocanonicals were translated from the Septuagint.

The DRV is certainly very beautiful, but I’m not sure what you mean by it’s more “Catholic.” The Bible is a Catholic book. The RSV-2CE is a specifically Catholic version of it printed in this case by a Catholic publisher. The language is more contemporary, but that doesn’t mean it’s deficient. Again, the RSV has been produced according to more recently discovered and in some cases better manuscripts and according to modern scholarship–which is not something to be feared in all cases. The RSV is a fine translation.


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