Study: Bottled Water As Polluted As Tap Water

Study: Bottled Water as Polluted as Tap Water,2933,438144,00.html

Another reason why I don’t buy bottled water.

American tap water is perhaps the safest water source in human history. It’s why we don’t have cholera, dysentery and other diseases that regularly ravage much of the world. Why waste money (and generate landfill waste) on bottled? (On behalf of all my fellow civil engineers, contractors and public works guys - you’re welcome!)

If you have too much chlorine taste or are the kind of person who wears a tinfoil hat, buy a PUR faucet mounted filter. It’s better and CHEAPER than bottled.

“In some cases, it appears bottled water is no less polluted than tap water”

Key word here is “some”. Companies like Dasani and Aquafina or other cheap brands just repackage tap water.

Actual spring water, or well water, is a different story.

I agree somewhat. My wife [RIP] would drink the local water here and she etched like crazy. When we would go to Michigan where my parents lived the water was ok (well water). We would come back to Texas and it would start all over again.

So years ago I bought a carbon system for the house and she was ok. I don’t buy bottled water except for the bottles and refill them with tap water heck I already pay for it. Now I use empty coke bottles the plastic is stronger than the water bottles, they last longer.

A lady I was dating some years ago would only drink spring water. So at my house I took a one-gallon Wal-Mart spring water bottle and filled it with my city tap water and she never knew the difference.

ABC’s 20/20 did a taste test of bottled water in New York City. Most of the people picked K-Mart water and NYC tap water over the more expensive waters.

I crack up when I see people buying all that bottled water but hey if they want to waste their money so be it.

For decades Consumer Repots has conducted blind taste tests on water and as a rule NYC tap water has always won. A lot of the expensive “designer” water finished close to the bottom. Go figure…

Honesty check: I buy bottled water because I am too lazy to fill old bottles, and too vain to be seen with old, worn bottles filled up with water and not thrown out. :o

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