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March 2, 2006

New PTC Study Finds More Violence on Children’s TV than on Adult-Oriented TV
Levels of Dark Violence, Sexual Innuendo, Offensive Language Show that Children’s Programs are “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”

LOS ANGELES (March 2, 2006) – The **Parents Television Council ** released its first study on children’s television titled, “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: A Content Analysis of Children’s Television,” which found that there is more violence on children’s entertainment programming than on adult-oriented television.

“This new study has found that the violence aimed towards little children is almost double compared to the levels of violent content directed towards families and adults during prime time hours. One might quickly dismiss violence in children’s programming as inconsequential, but what has changed is that the violence is ubiquitous, often sinister, and in many cases, frighteningly realistic,” continued Bozell.

“In addition, one of the more disturbing trends in this study was the amount of adult-oriented subtext that was laced throughout both the animated and live-action programs. Sadly, producers must think that if they can entertain parents with double entendres and innuendo the parents will encourage the children to watch.

“The downward spiral of children’s television must stop. Broadcast and cable networks must be held accountable for allowing such inappropriate content to corrupt our children. We must also hold advertisers responsible for underwriting these messages,” Bozell concluded.


I saw that trend awhile ago, since one and a while, I watch cartoons when I’m home sick, like today. Often, i’ve been shocked with the innuendo, not so much the violence because cartoons were violent when I was a kid in the 80’s. I have a list in my head of what shows I wouldn’t let my children watch, and now it seems better to just get rid of the tv before they are born.


If I were raising children today I would not have a TV anywhere they had access to it. It would be locked up and used only to show specific pre-selected programs or DVDs.

When I majored in Mass Media in the 70s the same warnings about the results of sexual and violent content on children’s TV were being issued, the results have borne out the validity of the research, our children are sexualized and inured to violence as a response to daily life situations at an every younger age. that their welfare has been sacrificed to Moloch is an indictment on our society. Parents, it is up to you. if you do nothing you support everything TV is brining into your home.


Remember The Emperor’s New Groove? One of the plot lines was that a 20-something guy (Kronk) was the boyfriend du jour of the aging villianess. A gigolo. However, it was a hilarious movie. So it’s no surprise that Disney’s fine tuned that angle, starting with Pocahontos, a movie that I discarded due to it’s sexual overtones. Why did Mel Gibson voice John Smith in that one? I found Anastasia to be outright creepy. We just stick to PBS Kids, minus Sesame Street, and then rent videos from Netflix that are in line with our values. We have only one TV and it is located in a enclosed cabinet in the family room.


Having a child sit for hours in front of a box flashing 120 images per second can’t possibly be good for their development, regardless of what’s actually on anyway.


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