Study Dentistry

Hi Everyone,
For quite a long time now, i have been thinking of becoming a dentist.
I sort of gave up on the idea, but recently my uncle died who was a dentist, and he was a dentist for the exact same reason i want to become a dentist, too help the less fortunate, not to make money out of it.
Well, since going to his funeral a couple of weeks ago, its rekindled the fire in me to study.
Please pray that the ‘fire’ will not die in me and that i get the courage and go back and study.
This 34 year olds brain is going to be in for a shock!!!
Thank you and God bless

Praying for you


BRAVO!! You will be just fine!! GO FOR IT!!

:knight2: :gopray2:

God bless you, local dentists here do great work, traveling over the border once a month to treat the poor in the colonias. will look for your patron in a minute,

okay it is St. Appolonia

Prayers that God keeps those fires burning in your mind and heart :gopray:

May The Lord guide you and support you in your choice of career.

I will remember you especially in my prayers and pray you have the courage to follow your dream.:gopray2:

Thank you all and God bless

Praying for you…


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