Study: Despite Greater Social Acceptance Divorce Still Seroiusly Damages a Child's Prospects in Life

By Tim Waggoner LONDON, U.K. July 10, 2008 ( - On the 50th anniversary of a British longitudinal social study, researchers have revealed that the years of collected data indicate that a child whose parents are divorced is more likely to struggle academically, emotionally and in…

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There is no doubt in my mind that divorce effects children especially as adults too. As one who does marriage prep, it is more difficult to get couples to understand the covenant relationship of this sacrament in couples who have parents who are divorced. They are so insecure in this area that we require much more time spent in prayer and in counsel. May parents realize the untold damage this reeks on children for a lifetime in many cases.

Even though divorce is permitted under certain circumstances in my faith (Judaism), it is very much frowned upon and stigmatized.

My parents would not allow me to marry anyone who had been divorced; they said that such people, when the marriage runs into problems, think of divorce first.

I am old enough to remember a time when some parents (like my mother) would not even let us play with kids from what they called “broken homes”, they felt they were a bad influence.

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