Study: England, Wales are 20% Anglican, 8% Catholic, 49% ?no religion' [CWN]

A study published by the Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society at St. Mary’s University, Twickenham has found that 48.5% of adults in England and Wales identify themselves as …


Maybe if the Anglican churches in England and Wales had not modernized their liturgy and succumbed to women’s ordination they wouldnt be in this mess.

According to this, the number of Catholics in England and Wales was 7.4% in 2011.

Amen to that. I think there’s more to it, though.

That doesn’t surprise me. I don’t know many people who are religious, let alone Christian.


I don’t know why it would surprise anyone even in the US. In this Pew Research study it showed the unaffiliated rising over the course of 7 yrs. Catholics and Protestants falling.

Islam will fill that vacuum quite nicely, but not so nicely for the current residents.

What is this supposed to mean… “not so nicely for the current residents”? I have Muslim neighbors and friends but I’m not Muslim. Is that code for something with regard to Islam that I’m unfamiliar with?

I have no reason to doubt the trend in these kinds of studies, in UK or other Western countries. Things are getting much worse for most communions. A confounding variable is immigration.

The problem is that no one really knows how to measure “religion” well. I know people raised as Catholics, who go to non-denominational churches most, but not all the time; others who agree with the Church on some things, not other things; others who have not been to church in many years, but their views on families and morality are clearly Catholic influenced. These people might give all kinds of different answers, depending on how they interpret their situation, so these surveys need to be taken carefully.

It means exactly what I said.

Such as?

So you think all those “no religion” Brits are going to start embracing Islam?

If by embracing you mean coerced.

So you think that Muslims are going to start forcing people in Britain with no religion to become Muslims? How exactly would they do that?

Unfortunately it seems like religion is on the decline in much of Eruope.

How Islam has always spread… conquest.


My guess, from my time in the UK, is that most Brits who claim they are ‘nones’ are either CofE and non-practicing (but will go to baptisms or weddings or funerals), or non-conformist or RC and non-practicing, or come from a culture that is Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist and they just don’t practice like their parents/grandparents do. I doubt there is much coercion except on the part of said parents/grandparents.

What Muslim armies are you envisioning would conquer Britain and force people there to become Muslims? Where would these armies come from?

This is not a surprise. The United Kingdom is a fairly liberal and secular nation. They are not as liberal and secular as much of Europe though. That is how the Conservative Party still does well there. The Labour Party is the major secular progressive party in the UK. They probably will dominate in the future though with the way the UK is going.

Europe is letting them in. Demographics will take care of it without a bullet fired.

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