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I’m pretty sure if I search when I visit home next, I could find my study guide “book” from the catechesis test I had to take before Confirmation. Unfortunately, when my mom moved (while I was away at school), she did a major purge and shoved the rest into a storage unit. As I am calling it, my step-daughter (8 going on 9)is about to be preparing for a “Catholic Cram Session”, in addition to my husband preparing at least for Confirmation (if not ALL Sacraments if his records remain unfound). Watching my husband at Mass, you can see that he went to Mass quite often at some point, as he jumped right in, although he has only vague memories. Step-kids will be baptized in less than a month, and with the girl already being about 3 years behind in preparation, although she has a deep love of the church & mass, she is supposed to remain on track for Confirmation at the age of 15. I am wanting to aid her correctly as much as possible. I had the advantage of attending Catholic School, where we were taught everyday at school and out(by parents). I am pretty sure it will be tougher for her. The RCIA sessions remain open to EVERYONE at our church, so we will attend on Mondays as much as we can to help the kids and husband.

Is there someplace online to find a Study Guide to make sure I am aiding her in preparation OUTSIDE of PRE? The books remain in classrooms in between classes each week. I have printed off some worksheets from that pertains to First Communion, but there wasn’t much that I could find other than that. want to make sure that she knows the proper history and anything else. I instill Catholic Values in our home, but I know that won’t necessarily completely help. I’m working on prayer memorization with them, but with an understanding of what they are saying. The 6-year old remains a sponge and learned so much just by attending Stations. The girl (who is older though), seems to partake in all parts, but seems to have a hard time comprehending exactly WHAT is going on. Also, is there a good place to print off a “Mass Guide”. I remember having them at their age for First Communion Preperation, but can’t seem to find one to print off for them. I am hoping it may help.

Any and all help is appreciated. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Just wanted to let you know that I have read your post and am doing some reserach and asking my RCIA director if he can recommend any sources. When I can post them, I will post them for you.

Have you checked out your local catholic store if you got one?

Stay in there.

LIttle One0307

I did not read all your post in detail but thought to offer this:

at least for him:

Short and a very good overview (and he can then go read in the CCC for more detail…the numbers on the sides of the pages point to that)

Get though an actual book…it can sell for 15 bucks but I have seen it online for 10

Thank you very much! Small southern town in the heart of the bible belt left me surprised to even find a Catholic Church when we moved here…I’ll check the “store” on Sunday that the Youth has set up. From my understanding, the closest bookstore is at the Diocese in Memphis in at a church in a Mid-size Town/City about an hour or so away. When I last went to the Catholic store in my hometown, they no longer carried much. I’ll check online for an actual book since that may be my best bet. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

You can order it online too :slight_smile:

welcome home and congratulation for being the one who sees to it everyone in the family is brought to the sacraments and properly catechised, I love parents like you.

ask the DRE for used books you can take home, she will be thrilled you want to do extra home schooling, she may even have used teacher manuals

ask her for the website of the publisher of the textbooks they use, there are usually pages for kids and parents as well as catechists.

quick cheat sheet for you and less than $5 is Outlines of the Catholic Faith from Leaflet Missal co.

a little more in depth for you and provides great background for teaching others is Catholicism for Dummies by Frs Trigilio and Brighenti because it presents topics in ways that match the kinds of questions people actually ask.

Most catechism books are available free on the internet

Catechism of st pius x book

Catechism of st thomas aquinas

Catechism on

It would be enough study guide:thumbsup:

Also check out Liguori Publications They have a lot of materials geared for children.

Here is an easier reading, Cathechism of the Catholic Church

You can download the website using a free program called Win Website Downloader

Read the catechism, that’s good :thumbsup:

May the merciful Jesus bless you :slight_smile:

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