Study: History of cultural bias has led to a lack of diversity at liberal green groups


Washington Post:

Study: History of cultural bias has led to a lack of diversity at liberal green groups

More than 50 years after the Kennedy administration found that the National Park Service had a single black ranger and bemoaned a serious lack of diversity in the federal conservation corps, not much has changed at public and private organizations that serve as stewards of the environment, according to a survey. A report released last month said the nation’s large, powerful and decidedly liberal green groups have failed to keep pace with the nation’s expanding minority populations and remain overwhelmingly white.

Minorities represent nearly 40 percent of Americans, yet account for fewer than 16 percent of workers at the government agencies, non-governmental organizations called NGOs and foundations that were studied.
The divide has resulted in two environmental movements. One is white and the other non-white, one rich and the other poor, one devoted largely to advocating on behalf of wilderness areas and the other for “environmental justice” in core urban areas where minorities tend to live.

“The current state of racial diversity in environmental organizations is troubling, and lags far behind gender diversity,” said the report, “The State of Diversity in Environmental Organizations: Mainstream NGOs Foundations Government Agencies.” But the gender gap, it said, was closed by hiring women who are largely white.

Do the folk who complain about lack of diversity really believe that, absent discrimination, people would just naturally distribute themselves across all fields of human endeavor evenly to reflect the general population?

With the story is a chart showing minorities, while “underrepresented” in the science and engineering field are way underrepresented in green organisations. Maybe they’re being hired by private firms that pay better and/or are under pressure to get their own diversity numbers up?


I think it’s more of a rich/poor difference, and minorities tend to be less well-off and live in urban areas. Skin color is just more visible than bank account figures, so it “pops out” more readily.

When one is from an area with limited resources, one tends to care more about the immediate material needs of living and not about recreational leisure at Yellowstone.


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