Study links birth control pill to artery-clogging plaque


Check out this study recently released:

Maybe now some of the so-called Catholics out there that think dissenting from the Church’s moral leadership and teachings is their God given right will have another reason to give up there prideful independence.

Of course there have long been many other good reasons to avoid The Pill, besides the moral ones, so I assume most will sweep this out of their minds or refuse to even read it. We wouldn’t want to learn the truth if it conflicted with our relative moral compass, would we?

Okay, all sarcasm aside, this is pretty interesting. Let me know what you think. I’d say this pretty much shoots the whole “birth control as a safe acne treatment” idea out of the water. Unless of course you’d rather have arterial plaque than pimples, which sounds like an issue for a psychiatrist.


I find this statement very judgmental. You don’t know all the reasons why Catholics use birth control, you just assume that they are being prideful. I know some Catholics who didn’t even know that birth control is wrong, some had priests tell them it’s ok, and the list goes on and on.


I am not surprised to hear this. I did my thesis on the Pill a few years ago for my BA in Biology degree. Since I was attending Franciscan University, it was a given that we were all against the Pill. But anyway… while I was beginning the research for my thesis, my otherwise healthy in her early 40s aunt suffered a heart attack. The cause was baffling to everyone at first, but then my aunt started showing an interest in my research… and I realized, she has no kids, she has probably been on the pill for years (maybe even up to 25 years). My poor aunt, fallen away from the Church but still an amazing woman, suffered because doctors have been deceiving society of the “harmlessness” of the pill, dispite study after study coming out to prove otherwise.

We all know that if the things that are linked to the pill (heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc) were linked to any other medicine, that medicine would be pulled off the shelf so fast our heads would be spinning. However, because it is a contraceptive, we will never see the pill pulled from the market. Because “we can’t deprive people of the right to contracept” Heaven forbid they might have to control themselves or have more babies.


Yeah, no one even bats an eye at the fact that in the first major clinical trials of BCPs women DIED from the Pill but it was still approved.

But, when they were testing the male “pill” some men experienced testicular shrinkage-- and it was abandoned wholesale right then and there for the next 30 years.


Many years ago, before I converted to the Church, I took the BCP. It causes a blood clot in my leg that could have killed me. :banghead: Not to mention I got every other side effect possible from it. :mad: And of course NO ONE ever told me it was an abortifacient, or I never would have taken it to begin with, God forgive me. :crying: :frowning:


So much for the 21st century.

And the Pill is one of the sacraments of radical feminism these days.

I guess it’s supposed better for women to die than for men to have shrinkage or–even worse—**children!

**I fail to see how this helps women and children to be viewed as equally valuable citizens.


Rose: Only the most ignorant Catholic would have failed to hear about the Church’s teaching on contraception. And finding a priest or two who will tell you its okay to go against Church teaching is no excuse. If they found a priest who told them to give all their money to charity I bet they wouldn’t do it. A few bad priests helping to enable bad behavior does not excuse the behavior, unless the person really is extremely ignorant…


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