Study links teen pregnancy to sexy TV shows

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Exposure to some forms of entertainment is a corrupting influence on children, leading teens who watch sexy programs into early pregnancies and children who play violent video games to adopt aggressive behavior, researchers said on Monday.

   Researchers at the RAND research organization said their three-year study was the first to link viewing of racy television programing with risky sexual behavior by teens.
   "Our findings suggest that television may play a significant role in the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the United States," said Anita Chandra, a behavioral scientist who led the research at RAND, a nonprofit research organization.

Full story here.

Honestly, Is anyone surprised by this?

Yes, very. NOT!:rolleyes:

Not a bit. It’s just one piece of the whole toxic puzzle our kids have been served up in popular culture.
Adults are being fed the same stuff.
Just unplug it.:shrug:

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