Study: Men say they’re less inclined to use condoms if a female partner is attractive


Men who whine about wearing condoms — villains of sex-ed videos, defiers of CDC reports and common sense — might protest even louder if they think their partners are hot.

When faced with the proposition of casually sleeping with a pretty woman, men are more eager to forgo condoms, according to a new scientific survey, than if they think their fling is less attractive.

Researchers at the University of Southampton and the University of Bristol asked heterosexual men to report their desire to have unprotected sex with 20 women, based on photographs of the women’s faces. The scientists discovered men were much less apt to wear a condom if they believed a hypothetical partner had a prettier face, as the researchers wrote recently in the British Medical Journal Open. The study was small, just 51 subjects, but it adds to a growing body of evidence that both men and women want to relax safe-sex standards around good-looking partners.

“Men are more willing to have condomless sex with attractive women,” wrote lead author and University of Southampton public health researcher Anastasia Eleftheriou, in an email to The Washington Post. That holds true “even though they might believe that those women are more likely” to have a sexually transmitted disease, she said.

The male subjects were not hugely varied in their demographics: the 51 heterosexual men who made up the survey ranged in age from 19 to 61 years old, and all spoke English. Most men had lost their virginity at an average age of 18; the youngest was 13 and the oldest, 30. But there was quite a bit of variance in reported number of sexual partners — the average was 10, though four responders had never had sexual intercourse and one man said he had had sex with 60 women.

While looking at a black-and-white portrait of a woman’s face, each man used a sliding scale, from of 0 to 100, to rate a) the woman’s attractiveness b) how likely he would be to sleep with her, if he were single c) how likely he would be to use a condom d) how many men like him, out a group of 100, would have unprotected sex with the woman and e) the odds he thought this woman had a sexually transmitted disease.

Not surprisingly, the closer a man rated a woman to 100, the higher his willingness was to have sex with her. But the study subjects were split on whether or not the attractive women were more likely to have a sexually transmitted disease.

Previous studies on perceived health and looks reflect this division, too. Some researchers have found that men view attractive women as more promiscuous, and therefore more likely to have been exposed to sexually transmitted disease; others indicate humans broadly link good looks to good health. (One evolutionary psychology theory argues that facial symmetry, a significant factor in attractiveness, indicates a high resistance to parasites. Because we want our mates to be parasite-free, symmetry becomes pretty.)



They needed a study to figure out that men would prefer to have children with attractive women?:shrug:


:slight_smile: Imagine that, thats news?




I suppose the same applies to spouses practicing NFP (except the STD stuff). Wait, so all those large families are because the wife was too attractive? :smiley:


I’m not sure this says much, except that the group studied was willing to have relations with women they didn’t even find attractive. :flushed:


The only thing it says to me is ‘men are dumb’ (please note I am a man).


Same here, and I agree with you. :thumbsup:


In triplicate. Count me on board with that too.


Yes. I like your theory. Thank you. :curtsey:




… needed the money (which was easily gotten from conducting such a “study”). IMO

:whistle: We need a new ANNUAL study on this. Or monthly even.
What is that government sponsors’ phone number again?

Get us a renewal. An extention. A reprieve from draconian conservative cutbacks.

We could do counter-studies on an ongoing basis …

(to be continued … ?) :compcoff: AH! Our numbers seem to confirm the obvious … the nation will feel validated in this …


In other breaking news, the sky is blue, Pope Francis is Catholic, and bears defecate in the forest.


:eek: - Am I actually going to comment on another “condom” and illicit sex thread on Catholic Answers?

Since I already did once … I may as well toss these thoughts in.

WHY would they? (Presuming they would wear condoms “with less attractive” women).


  • An attractive girl might quickly change her mind and leave during the downtime taken to put one of the silly droop balloons on. It’s probably a “bad look” for the woman … if she does. Don Juan does a quick Bozo balloon animal act in the midst of what’s supposed to be an intimate moment.

  • An unattractive one might change her mind and leave **too **… but

like Lou Costello once said of a more G-rated circumstance:

Yeah … :shrug: but who cares … (then)

ACTUALLY (those kind of) men should probably use them MORE in the former case.

*(NOTE: IMO They should not be doing what they’re doing in the first place of course … but since Catholic Answers allows the discussion I’ll comment as if I’m substantially more self-deceived and lukewarm spiritually). *

Attractive promiscuous women possibly have many more partners who also don’t wear condoms … and so her chances of being a conduit for some of the OTHER things condoms are supposed to protect one from besides pregnancy … are exponentially greater. Sometimes she doesn’t KNOW she’s been so infected and meanwhile passes little gifts of disease on to her “lovers”.

SAFE SEX via the condom (which some say fails one time in 5 per either human error, condom defect or the minute size of some bacteria) … isn’t as safe as abstinence (100 %) or other approved (for married people) methods of temporary birth control allowed by the Church.

As per the men in the study:

You shouldn’t have done it in the first place
Talked about it in the second place
Become co-opted, probably without pay, by the condom industry here
And the pseudo-Scientists conducting this “study”
Even if you were lying about the whole "I make love to attractive women … etc. " thing
like a “harmless” locker room boast.

:ouch: *Sorry … just ran out of lipstick for this pig. *


Why are so many Catholic males supporting and winking at this instead of railing at those males who are having sex outside of marriage and or using artificial birth control?




Because it’s a waste of air. Those kinds of guys are already long beyond the reach of even some of our most cleverest sayings. So the best 2nd thing to do is point out the dumb and ridiculous on its own grounds.

I’m thinking. :shrug:


Also, because most of these men are not likely to be practicing (or even fallen-away) Catholics, and evangelizing them would be a tricky business. It cannot be achieved through making impassioned posts on an Internet forum, thusly:

*“I think this is totally WRONG!!!111 These men are nothing but libertines and seducers! They should read Humanae Vitae, pray thousands of Rosaries, and RPENET!!!11 What’s even worse is they boast about it on their Facebook pages!!11 What creeps and jerks!!”

Numbers of souls converted by the above message (or the like): Zero. :slight_smile:



Because some of us have taken the red pill and realize that marriage in the West is a sham with no real benefit.


I agree though it’s only fair to rail against the women too.


The follow-up study, if they can get funding, will find that women prefer men who have jobs and can afford to pay for a meal on dates.

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