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Hey I was wondering if anyone else used or uses classical music to study with. I have found that listening to the Zen Garden music keeps my mind calm while I push myself for a good ten hours.
However; I want to say some of the meditation music I’ve found is just weird, the American Indian music sounds like something at Satans house, and there are other people on you tube who think that this music is like God or something. weird stuff, I just want to concentrate.

When I was working on my doctorate (and had waaaaay too much reading to do) I had a few playlists I created just for study.

Classical music doesn’t work for me. I had a Celtic music playlist that was great (about 4.5 hours of music) – mostly instrumental (dance, waltz, ethereal), but a few vocal pieces. I had “mellow” list that included everything from George Winston to Anuna (choral) to chant. And my fallback playlist was a Christmas collection that ran about 5 hours.

For me, the main thing was using music that was pleasant and familiar enough to me that I wasn’t distracted trying to listen to it. And sometimes, I would just put on the headphones without music, and that seemed to work as well – go figure :shrug:

God bless you in your studies!


What did you get your Doctorate in. I would love to do a masters in math granted I finish my BS in ME but that would be a pipe dream as of right now.

For studying or writing, I generally go for Aldo Ciccolini’s “Satie: Piano Works.” For programming homework though, I prefer Daft Punk to keep me going. “Alive 2007” and the Tron: Legacy soundtrack have been getting a lot of play time lately.

:nerd: I am “all-but-dissertation” for my EdD (educational doctorate). The doctorate was unbelievably more difficult than the masters…:coolinoff: I had to take some time off from working on the dissertation so I could focus on parenting and teaching my students. I hope to go back to the dissertation in about a year.

Now, back to you… Take a deep breath and take one assignment at a time. As my friends and I used to say, it’s all about jumping through the hoops. And jumping takes a lot of oxygen :smiley: Don’t worry about the masters yet – you’ll get there when you get there. Just keep moving forward as best you can, and try not to stress.

I had a friend who wanted to be a science teacher – she took biochemistry THREE times before she passed the course! But she’s now an amazing high school science teacher. She has tons of sympathy with kids who don’t get it.

I will pray that your experience is less eventful than that!

Gertie, music teacher, and once-and-future doctoral student

Classical music…or sometimes the pandora station " Epic Soundtracks"

I wrote most of my novel with the tracks from all of the Lord of the Rings movies playing in the background. On the acknoledgements page I thank Howard Shore for “providing the soundtrack.”

I have to say though. I feel as if my education stopped when I left community college to go to the university. I feel as if the University is just one place to indoctrinate people on how to think. My engineering courses; have become one big contest to see who can get the old tests and unauthorized study material to pass classes. Its a bit of a joke at twice the price of a real education at the community college where you learn hard skills.
Hope your Doctorate finishes quickly and smoothly.
Cheers! and God bless, :thumbsup:

What kind of programming are you doing? I took an intro course to C++ and loved it.
I wanted to major in applied math, but I don’t see myself getting a job with already being in my 30’s and having a back ground in industrial mechanics.
What I love about programming is building functions. Did you get to take any of those crazy applied boundary problem classes, or function analysis yet. I love that stuff, sitting for hours trying to solve puzzles.

I’m working toward a Computer Science major, and I’m finishing up the 200 level CS requirements. I finished the classes that focus on C++ syntax last quarter (so many pointers!), as well as a course that delved into the really low level stuff with assembly and so on. This quarter I took Data Structures, which didn’t teach any new syntax, but looked at how to put it all together in to lists, stacks, trees, graphs, sorting algorithms, and so on (so many more pointers!). I enjoyed the lower level classes, but this quarter was where I really felt the material open up in terms of complexity.

We touched on efficiency when we dealt with sorting algorithms, but I haven’t taken any classes devoted to function analysis yet.

Tha’ts great!
I think its a crime that my engineering program for M.E. doesn’t have an option for programming as a technical elective. As everything in the world now is run off of some kind of programming.

I can only study with Pandora’s “Ambient” channel playing. Anything else, I get caught up in the melody.

I listen to aol radio’s Baroque Station when I need to focus on paying bills or working on budgets and such. Guess because those are stressful type tasks and the music keeps me calm.

I liked listening to Gregorian Chant when I took Physics.
I learned back in high school that when learning languages, it helps to have the country’s music in the background to help with the rhythm of the language.
I play classical music in my classroom when teaching for 2 reasons. (1) It may be the only time the students hear the classics, and (2) it cuts down on white noise so they can concentrate better. Last week, when my students were actually behaving and working quietly, they asked me to turn the volume up. I still kept it at a soft level.

Try Bach’s Brandenburg concertos.

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