Study of James?


I read James today, and I think I’d like to do a study on it. I mentioned it to a friend of mine (and he is either Pentecostal or Baptist, but supports my Catholic faith), and he said we should read it together.

Do you have a suggestion of a study guide for both of us? Or if he drops out, just me?

It just read so beautifully!


I would check Catholic Answers books or tapes on James. :slight_smile:


The Ignatius Study Bible (Scott Hahn’s opus) has a good section on the epistle to St. James. :slight_smile:


I agree study up on the epistle, this is deep stuff, and he is of the belief of once saved always saved, he will try to twist James to his convenience. The whole Bible condemns once saved always saved, yes faith is needed but it is not all that we need for salvation.

That’s why you must study up and guide him.


I second this idea. You can even buy it as a stand alone booklet, which has questions and answers in the back on each chapter:

The Letters of St. James, St. Peter and St. Jude (2nd Ed.)


I agree. I have this and Hahn beautifully explains the faith/works issue in Chapter 2.


I worked through Dr. Hahn’s audio series on James and thought it was the best. He has a very interesting segment on envy that I asked my kids to listen to as well.

Lot’s, as you’d expect, on the justification issue.

I don’t think you will find a better study on James than this one.

Here is the CD link.

Here is the MP3 link.

I see also Ken Hensley has a study on James as well. I have not heard this series but Hensley’s other audios that I have heard have been quite good as well.
Here is the Hensley link.

Hope this all helps.

God bless.



Thank y’all very much.

Before it even occurred to me that Protestants might not be as fond of James as I was upon first reading, I had reached out to the Baptist friend to encourage him to read this beautiful book. He offered to do a bible study with me on it…we’ll see how it goes! I read later on while googling that it wasn’t a fave for non-Catholics.



But I would encourage you to be very careful not to ‘push’ the doctrines James supports. This person is opening him/her self to fellowship with you. Let your appreciation for the wisdom of James express your Christian faith.

If he offered, be ready for his ‘twist’ on things. In the end, your behavior will speak volumes! Put James into practice while fellowshiping about the epistle.

To me, after reading so much of Paul’s writings, it is a bit of a fresh breath. James speaks plainly, while Paul can be mysterious. Nothing wrong with Paul, but its nice to read some of the other apostles perspective and Teaching. After all, Peter himself warns of the tendancy of some to twist Paul.

Its definitely one of my fav’s. wish we had more of all the apostles!
God bless your fellowship


I can recommend the first CD set as well. It is excellent, and the only reason I didn’t mention it before is because I didn’t think the RP was looking for audio resources. It would probably be very effective to use this audio series in conjunction with the above mentioned ISB on James, since Scott Hahn was the person behind both of them.

I haven’t heard Hensley’s series either, but I have other series by him and he is a good solid teacher.

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