Study or program for women or moms

HI, we have moved to a small town, and the Catholic church here is very small. I am looking to be involved in a group with other women or moms in the parish. When I read the bulletin or look at the website, I don’t see anything as such, like a scripture study, or other type study, even a book club, or moms group with a program structure.

Was wondering if anyone here can give me the names of any program you liked with a women’s group or moms group at your parish that maybe I can ask our priest about starting.

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If you want to start up a Catholic women’s book club or mom’s group, I would recommend either Stacy Mitch’s Courageous series:
*]Courageous Women
*]Courageous Virtue
*]Courageous Love
*]Courageous Generosity
or Kimberly Hahn’s series on Proverbs 31:
*]Chosen and Cherished
*]Graced and Gifted
*]Beloved and Blessed
*]Legacy of Love
Each of the books in Hahn’s series has a corresponding DVD set, if you are interested in going that route.

None of those books are too terribly long, especially if you just take it a chapter at a time.

You could start a LIFTED group: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the resources and suggestions!

THe books are good recommendations, and the website for the LIFT group start up was helpful.

After asking permission from our pastor to possibly start a group, I will hope there are others who are interested.

Thanks again!

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