Study: Ozone treaty, world wars slowed global warming


Society has slowed down global warming several times over the last century without even trying, new research says.
A study found that the rate of global warming has ratcheted down in response to major world events, including the two world wars, the Great Depression and, most recently, a global ban on ozone-depleting substances.

Apparently we just need a few world wars to stay green XD


Or, rather, once WW3 has run its course, we would understand just how minor a problem “global warming” really was after all…



[quote="GEddie, post:2, topic:345201"]
Or, rather, once WW3 has run its course, we would understand just how minor a problem "global warming" really was after all.................







Anyone else remember Car Sagan and his predictions that nuclear war would trigger a "nuclear winter"?


I remember the predictions, although I didn’t know it was him.

I’m not sure about the veracity of the predictions though. That is one experiment we sure do not want to carry out!



A nuclear exchange would certainly stir up enough dust to cause global cooling. Although it would depend on the number of weapons involved.


Would all that dust and smoke really cause cooling (which requires reflecting light away from Earth), or warming, by absorbing more heat?

Smoke isn’t all that reflective. And all the fires that WW3 would start would dump a LOT of CO2 into the sky.



I think that the atmospheric dust cloud, especially if a lot of ground bursts occurred, would prevent sunlight from getting through, just as it doesn’t get through on a very cloudy day. But I’m not particularly eager to test the hypothesis. (And CO2 accounts for only a very small percentage of total greenhouse gases, most of which are water vapor.) It would be like turning off the sun for an extended period of time.


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