Study: Premarital Abstinence Pledges Ineffective

Not only are teenagers who make such promises just as likely to have sex, but they are also Less likely to use protection.

No surprise here, combine teenage hormones with the sex that society sells us on a daily basis and premarital sex will happen.

And this surprises who?

Lot’s of teens are gonna have sex, even if they say they won’t, it’s human nature.

If you try to prevent unwanted pregnancies by teaching abstinence, you are doomed to fail.



What the study proves is that the making your kid sign a pledge is no substitute for actual parental education of children in matters of sexuality.

If you are arguing that it is counter productive to simply tell kids “Keep your pants on until marriage or you’ll burn in hell” then I surely agree with you.

Modify the study to be one of parents who have PERSONALLY devoted significant time and effort to educating their own children about the true meaning of sexuality as taught by the catholic church and get back to me.

Until then, I’m trusting the faith handed down to me from Christ over 50 year old pop psychology. But thanks anyways! :rolleyes:


The problem with merely teaching abstinence, is that one weak moment, can lead to disaster.

If one teaches abstinence and also about the nature of STDs, and how pregnancy can be avoided, one can perhaps prevent a grave mistake from being compounded by other consequences.

Teach abstinence, yes. But also teach reproductive science, and STDs, so kids understand what the hazards are, and why abstinence is the only absolutely safe method, without ignoring the understanding of other methods.

Most parents let schools raise their kids nowadays. That is the problem.

I suspect the study may not be all that accurate. Apparently the ACLU and Planned Parenthood have teamed up in an aggressive campaign over the past several years to pressure states to eliminate abstinence education and to reject federal funding for these programs. This study could be their work.

Even if they do fail in their pledge they still do have fewer sexual partners, they are more likely to abstain from sex before marriage, and they have markedly lower levels of non-marital pregnancy, compared to adolescents who do not take the pledge.”

I wrote about this study on my blog

Actually this idea of “be chaste but have always a condom nearby” is completely against Catholic teaching.

Contraception is bad in itself, contracepting is bad in itself. Contracepting outside marriage is an additional sin to add to fornication.

While it is grave matter that two young Catholics who envision marriage fall in fornication, we should not be too surprised, as many people said, because we are weak. Much more serious is including contraception in the middle of this issue, because that is not a mere concession to our natural weakness - it is really using sex for sport, for illicit pleasure by removing the consequences of the act.

And, by the way, having a condom nearby or having heard that “if you are going to do that, wear a condom…” stuff is the fastest way to get teens having sex.

Actually, I think we have learned by now that humans will experiment with sex before marriage. The liberal groups have not tried to stop abstience programs, conservatives (and the Bush administration) have insisted on the teaching of abstience only programs, which are doomed to fail as to preventing unwanted pregnancies, instead of sex education in general.

Finally, the Church does not ban contraception, only artificial contraception. If you think about it, abstinence is a form of contraception.

Contraception is a sin.

Abstaining is not contracpetion.

NFP is not contraception.

Teaching people that “safer” sex is acceptable is a bad idea.

It simply teaches them it is good to engage in bad acts. It gives a false sense of security. It sets up a life long behavior pattern that conditions people to view sex in a very wrong way. It is a big gamble.

You never heard of the Church teaching the ‘rhythm method’ of contraception? I think you are mistaken.

The problem is not abstinence education, the problem is the filth on TV.

Study: Religious Teens More Likely to Abstain from Sex

Religious teens lose their virginity later than those who are not religious — waiting on average three years longer than their peers, a recent study reported…,2933,475306

Come on Juan, when I was a kid I was told I would end up beating people up because I watched Popeye and Tom and Jerry.

I really don’t think TV is the problem. I got rid of my Dish Network TV last year because I just thought the stuff was boring and I and the ol lady just stopped watching it.

I agree there is a lot of garbage on TV but if it’s in your house you can control it, outside well that’s where your teaching to your kids come in.

If abstinence is a form of contraception, and priests practice abstinence, therefore priests use contraception.

I think there is something going wrong with your logic.

You should post this as a new thread and then watch the naysayers have to defend their own ‘abstain but keep a condom in case’ position.

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