Study: Religious Teens More Likely To Abstain From Sex

Study: Religious Teens More Likely to Abstain from Sex

Religious teens lose their virginity later than those who are not religious — waiting on average three years longer than their peers, a recent study reported…,2933,475306,00.html

Good to hear! God bless and protect our young ones.

That is good to see.

I was religious as a teen (as I still am) and abstained. At 27, I have found the woman I am pretty sure I want to marry and I am certainly glad that my virginity has been kept for her. I know that she appreciates it.

Ironically, being a virgin at 27 would make me a “loser” to some people. It is a sad effect of the sexual deviancy of our culture that having a sexual encounter has become a race of sorts.

Rosenbaum’s study showed that making a virginity pledge doesn’t play a role any sexual behavior because teenagers who take a pledge are just as likely to have premarital sex as those who do not promise abstinence.

What!!? But read on …

Unlike previous studies on the subject, Rosenbaum told that her sample only included religious students.

That is, both the study and “control” groups were religious-minded teens. Religious teens have as much premarital sex as religious teens, regardless of taking a virginity pledge. Earthshattering.

Why stratify this way? Read on …

“The behavior of teenagers who have never been to church before is pretty irrelevant when understanding the behavior (of) virginity pledgers,” she said.

Irrelevant. Sure. Hmmm.

And furthermore,

Her study also only looked at teens who were unmarried five years after taking virginity pledges, now ages 20 to 23. “The married are out of the picture, so they’re not as interesting,” she said.

So those who may have kept their virginity pledges until marriage don’t count, for some unspecified reason. I guess that group must not have exposed any apparent or “interesting” hypocrisy among the religious subjects, and can therefore be ignored. :mad:


It’s good to see people like you. I have some nieces that had the attitude about loser people who are still virgins. Today they’re in their thirties struggling with two and three kids no husbands and their winner baby’s daddies oh excuse me the sperm donors and nowhere in site.

God bless you.

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