Study suggest the Pill changes women's tase in men for the worse

From the article:

A study by British scientists suggests that taking the Pill can change a woman’s taste in men — to those who are genetically less compatible.

The research found that the Pill can alter the type of male scent that women find most attractive, which may in turn affect the kind of men they choose as partners. It suggests that the popular form of contraception — used by a quarter of British women aged between 16 and 50 — could have implications for fertility and relationship breakdowns.

The findings, from a team at the University of Liverpool, add to growing evidence that the hormones in the Pill influence the way that women assess male sexual attractiveness.

What do you expect. The hormones mess up the body big time just like steroids.:shrug:

Well, if that isn’t ironic…

That’s really interesting. I read somewhere that a chemical in the breath plays a large part in determining attraction for both men and women and is also responsible for making women sexually receptive to the guy with the sexy breath. But the chemical is unique to each person and doesn’t attract everyone. In fact, it can repel as well as attract, or just do nothing at all. Maybe birth control pills are altering this chemical.

I looked at a lot of PP-propaganda and waded through studies just now and lost the copied URL to the one I finally found that said the Pill became more and more available from 1961-1977 meaning use was high and fairly new in 1977. We can judge how the Pill affects women’s taste in men by recalling the main changes in style young, single men adopted in the '70’s disco period. Slick clothing, tight waists, open necklines, hairy chests, flipped hair, flared pants (which make the hips look smaller), medallions to call attention to the chest, platform shoes and wide lapels (which make the chest look broader), all came into style then. When the Pill passed out of style because of health worries, and single people were using condoms anyway because of disease, and meanwhile the “minipill” came out, with lower hormone doses, male fahion changed abruptly. With hair, anything was OK, just so it wasn’t flipped and feathered. Lapels narrowed, pants were pegged or straight and shirts were big and thick, with soft natural textures. Scent returned to importance.
I don’t knwo what that proves.
But in looking for it I got hit with a lot of propaganda from birth-control advocates, and some of it made me pretty sick. Especially “historic papers” that don’t line up with any of the other historic writings I’ve ever seen, nor with reprinted and collected raw data from individually cited documents I’ve read mountains of at a time for years.:mad: All to prove absurdities. PP had a page saying essentially that mythology and ancient history tell us that from many years before menarche, girls spent their leisure time in “sexual play that included intercourse” without fear of pregnancy due to natural contraceptives and delayed puberty resulting from malnutrition. Uh-huh. I’ve been a hungry prepubescent girl, and I was thinking about food, and if I were playing at that time and someone tried to get my clothes off I would have killed them. Malnourished children think about finding and producing food, so they can live, not “sexual play” and in case the man who wrote that didn’t get the memo, children aren’t really all that into sex. But in a sex-obsessed culture, there are people who apparently can’t imagine that anyone has ever thought about anything else for a second. He claimed that Medieval and Premedieval European girls didn’t menstruate until they were over 20. Now, a degree of malnutrition that would delay menarche that long would usually make the woman infertile for life. If most Medieval women were infertile, Europe would have died out quickly. Besides, written record exist saying Greek girls menstruated at 14, Jewish girls at 12 to 13, and in the Middle Ages it depended. Some places the norm was 12, others it was 18. Ancient Rome seems to have had the same expected ages of puberty America has today. His stories of pomegranates, papayas and other everyday tropical fods as early BC pills made me sick. Women whose futures depend onhow many kids they ahve wouldn’t devote scarce garden space to contraceptives even by accident. He tells of Medieval women using charms to prevent conception. He might not be aware that most female-specific magic was to conceive, not to avoid it. Whether these people can stand it or not, their sex-from-as-early-to-as-late-as-you-can-with-everyone, whatever-you-do-don’t-become-a-parent thinking is new, unnatural, harmful and still a minority of the world’s atitudes. Sorry for the rant. Talk like I just read on my search gets me worked up, it brings back bad memories of my youth and the sterile, sex-mandatory milieu I was in for so long.


Well, you’re a lot braver than I am even to read what you did to get the information! Those sorts of satanic (yes, I believe that’s their true nature) lies PP is pushing make me physically sick. :frowning: They truly are the witch doctors of the modern era, and they are leaving a trail of blood, sorrow, and death in their wake.

Thank you for the research, though. And God have mercy on us all.


I read this today also. What I found interesting was the idea that while pregnant, a women’s natural body response is to not find men attractive sexually. That is the state the pill is mimicing. So that leads you to think that women on the pill are searching out men based only on what they’ve been told they should want from TV etc. So of course, they are looking for the hunky guy maybe with wads of money or who might be ‘dangerous’ in some way. And then they are suprised to discover that the guy is cheating, getting his money from selling drugs or something, and the dangerousness is really an anger issue.
Amazing how God’s Natural Law will always trump!

Personally I would take this with a grain of salt. I SERIOUSLY doubt the pill has more then the slightest effect unconciously on who a woman choses as a mate. I know on the pill I did not see my husband any different then I do off it.

I seriously doubt most women on the pill just marry a man or whatever based off money or looks. Its not like it controls your thought process or anything

Given that the study was done by a seemingly unbiased group of scientists (not openly pro-life or Catholic), I think it’s especially worth noting the results they found. There is much we don’t know about what damage the Pill does to a woman’s body, and I applaud any effort to explore that area of study.

Re Calliso’s post (quote) “It’s not like it (the Pill) controlls your thought processes or anything.”

Anything that affects the chemical balance in your body affects thought processes and your ability to reason effectively. For instance, too much sugar effects your insulin production, can depress you (you think you can do nothing) or make you manic (you think you can do anything.). Hormone changes and imbalances CAN cause you to reason differently; PMS is a good example.

So you’re telling me, the Pill, who promotes a immoral mode of sexuality, causes woman to make poor choices in that regard.

And they needed a study to prove this.

Still no cure for cancer, eh?

Which is why we have different words for “control” and “affect”. Just as pro-choicers demand the right to “control” their fertiltiy. They can’t ever control it, only affect it, and the degree to which they can affect it is influenced by how their actions would affect other people. The Pill doesn’t control our minds nor does PMS, nor does the weather or breakfast or tea. They do affect them though, and the last three also affect men’s minds. Some things affect men’s minds but not women’s.

…and personally, I’d rather not have anything more affecting my mind than already is!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Based on my track record, the study is quite right!


This still a simplistic study.

A study by British scientists suggests that taking the Pill can change a woman’s taste in men — to those who are genetically less compatible.

The research found that the Pill can alter the type of male scent that women find most attractive, which may in turn affect the kind of men they choose as partners.

Speaking as a guy, relationships do not come down to just pheromones, which this study discusses.

If you are having or choosing relationships based on just bodily reactions towards the other (or same) gender, then that is not putting much into the relationship. Just because you may be "genetically “compatible”, does not mean the relationship will work. This study goes after the Nature half of mating, but not the nurture half of it and some personality quirks and other non-genetic matters can weigh much more on if the relationship will last or not last.

Saying a birth control pill may or may not change how we react to biological stimuli is looking at it from a very narrow view and not everything in life that makes relationships rise and fall.

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