Study takes new look at gun access and risk of homicide, suicide


People who have ready access to a firearm are almost twice as likely to be killed and three times likelier to commit suicide than those without a gun available in the home or from a neighbor or friend, a new study has concluded.

Though men and women with firearm access were about equally likely to take their own lives with a gun, the latest research turned up a gender gap when it came to homicide. Compared with all adults without access to a gun, men with firearm access were 29% more likely to die in a gun-related homicide. But the analysis found that a woman who had a gun in or available to her household was close to three times likelier to die by homicide.

Previous studies have found that three-quarters of women who are killed with a gun die in their home, and that women typically know their assailant. That suggests that women who live in homes with a firearm are more likely to be gunned down in a domestic dispute or by an abusive partner, the research team wrote in their study, published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine. But the group did not venture an explanation for why men with gun access were not much more vulnerable than other adults.


Having access to a gun makes suicide too easy.


There he goes again, like clockwork. :shrug:


A study published in The LA Times. I should just ignore this but let me tell a little bit about such agenda driven studies. A typical liberal lawyer in our area cited a “study” that proposed similar conclusions. I looked up the actual study report and found that the data which alleged that owning a gun led to an elevated death rate was based on illegal ownership of guns by people in high-crime inner-cities and who are involved with illegal drug trafficking. There was absolutely no correlation to the general population, and the text of the report actually asserted as much. The local liberal lawyer did not disclose that information in his letter to the editor. I called him out on it in a letter of response but, as I recall, the liberal local newspaper did not print my letter. we are being subjected to an intense propaganda campaign on many levels, with the obvious purpose of “radically transforming” this country into a “progressive paradise”. I mean prison.


It is a cultural thing. The Japanese suicide rate is higher than the US suicide rate and they have very tight gun restrictions. Here in the US, we have a culture that wants things done fast and easy and so naturally we look for a fast and easy method of suicide. So how about instead of taking away my right to defend my life, liberty and property, you focus on changing the culture so that people understand that suicide is not a good choice?


Something smells funny about this.

First, women in general are far less likely to commit suicide with a firearm even if available. They are more likely to cut or OD.

GUNS in general are too violent for women to consider using for suicide.

That is a stat I constantly heard throughout paramedic education, do the article doesn’t ring true in that regard.

Also, between 40% and 60% of US households admit to gun ownership. It seems like if these numbers are correct then there should be more suicides.


Equal opportunity and rights seem to have modified these statistics in recent years. More women than before are using guns rather than other, gentler methods of suicide used in the past, such as pills or cutting. Following from this, while women used to make more suicide attempts but were less “successful,” nowadays by using more violent methods, they are almost as successful as men in committing suicide.


Here is the actual study.

This issue contains a systematic review and meta-analysis that finds that access to firearms is associated with risk for both completed suicide and being the victim of homicide.

Note that gun use is related to successful suicides and not attempted suicides. Women outpace men 3 to 1 in attempted suicides. Their weapon of choice are drugs/poison, which unlike a gun, don’t work 100% of the time.

Stats on suicides is available here. Suicides account for 2.1% of all deaths. Heart Disease accounts for 32.3% You would likely save more lives from banning fastfood than banning guns. Heck, even pneumonia kills more people than suicide by all means.


Thanks for the info! I agree!


No mention of defensive gun uses, which depending on the studies, I have seen range from 100,000 annually to as high as 2.5M annually. Any discussion that tries increase gun ownership to an increase in gun related deaths needs to also take into account the number of times guns save lives.

Also, There is quite a bit of effort to link gun ownership with suicide, with the implication being gun control will equal few suicides, however, it seems the root cause is mental illness, not gun ownership. With the gun related massacres over the years, the common thread has been the mental instability of the assailant.


Here’s another one. :smiley: Man, these threads just pop like popcorn, don’t they? It doesn’t matter how many kernels you eat, they keep on coming!

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times the same claims are refuted; the same people almost infallibly come back making the same exact arguments.


I am in no way a fan of guns.

However, suicide is not a good reason to restrict them. If they are not available, far too many other means of suiciding exist.

Or are you going to try banning shoelaces, prescription pills, rope, plastic bags, swimming pools, most types of clothing…etc?



I think we should ban buildings over 1 story high to reduce the risk that someone will jump off a building or be pushed. (Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with my own personal fear of highths. Just so you know.)


This is a great example of an ad hominem attack. Don’t touch the issues, just attack the person. Very sad. :frowning:


You know, when the issues have already been beaten to death to the same person, and the answer has been given already in innumerable other threads, sometimes sarcasm saves a lot of time. :shrug:


The theory of why access to guns is so related to suicide is that it makes suicide too easy and immediately available.


A Government study (CDC I think) found that defensive gun uses at the very least equal all “illegal” gun uses and are probably much higher.

On the access thing in the OP, well, it’s like saying people who own pools are more likely to drown in pools than those that don’t own them. While true it may not be that useful a stat.


It sounds like common sense to me. If I’m holding a gun, I have a better chance at getting shot than if I’m not holding one. Why is this such a shock? The same can be said for any item that is intended to cause death. I don’t keep drums of rat poison around my house but if I did I’d expect my chances of being poisoned to increase.


I dunno. It seems jumping off a building or bridge is easier and more accessible


Except Japan, which doesn’t allow guns, has a much higher incidence of suicide.

So easily available means doesn’t seem to be directly connected with suicide in and of itself.

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