Study: Unborn Babies Can Differentiate Touch, Pain in Womb

Study: Unborn Babies Can Differentiate Touch, Pain in Womb

Washington, DC – A new study from England finds unborn children have the capacity to differentiate touch from pain in the womb and they are able to do so as early as 28-35 weeks into pregnancy. Other studies have shown unborn children can experience pain much earlier.

I’ve heard of similar studies years ago. With the development of the babies spinal cord and nervous system in the womb I don’t see much reason to discount such study.

A main reason to discount the study is to ease one’s conscience for proudly promoting pro abortionist politicians.

Totally Agree! And not just pro abortionist politicians, but pro abortionist period.

But it takes faith in the teachings of the Catholic Church to believe that Life begins at the very moment of Conception.

Isaias Chapter 44 verse 24

[24] Thus saith the Lord thy redeemer, and thy maker, from the womb: I am the Lord, that make all things, that alone stretch out the heavens, that establish the earth, and there is none with me.

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