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Quick background: I am a senior college student about to graduate with an undergraduate degree in engineering. Although this is a field I enjoy, I have been fascinated with the church, philosophy, and have lived a spiritual life my entire life. The thought of entering seminary and pursuing the religious life has crossed my mind countless times, and I continuously pray that God’s will be done in my life.


I have a deep desire to immerse myself in the place that stands at the center of my catholic faith. I am interested in studying philosophy/theology in Rome at a Pontifical University, as I know of several clergy having studied there. I would like this time to grow intellectually and continuing growing in my faith, ultimately discerning what God has in store for my life (whether lay or clergy).

Is there an application process or information provided online about attending one of these universities as a lay person, I am having trouble finding it. Has anyone studied before in places like Angelicum?


I studied at the Gregorian University, and know the Angelicum. Most people who study there are sponsored by a bishop or a religious order. However lay people do study there as well. I would suggest emailing them and asking for admittance requirements.

For the Angelicum I see there is a phone number and contact name.

Phone: +39 06 67021

Chancellor: Bruno Cadoré


Unfortunately, the website for the Angelicum seems to be down for the moment. It is normally accessible at

In the interim, you could look at the website for the Augustinianum and their Master’s Degree programme specialising in Joseph Ratzinger; they provide general information, in English.


Father Bruno Cadore is the Master General of the Dominican Order, which is of course why he is the chancellor of the University. He is not the person to talk to in this case…besides which, he is in a different part of the city from where you will be calling.

You can ask to speak to the office of the secretary general…or to the staff of the Dean of the faculty in which one wishes to study. After January 6th.

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